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Womenís Basketball Reveals 2015-16 Nonconference Schedule 07/20/2015
Albert's Inspiring Journey to Cal 07/18/2015
Texas DE Commits to Cal 07/12/2015
Hall of Fame Runner Lon Spurrier Dies 07/10/2015
Lynch Goes Kickball Beastmode 07/10/2015
Summer Bridge: Cameron SafflePremium Article 07/05/2015
Yaghi Caps Off Big Recruiting Week For Cal 07/03/2015
Perez Makes it 15 For Cal 07/02/2015
Bears Make a Late 2015 Add in Davis 07/01/2015
Bynum Continues Centennial-Cal Pipeline 07/01/2015
Martin Ready to Make Waves in BerkeleyPremium Article 06/29/2015
Bear Insider Video: Wyking Jones 06/29/2015
Summer Bridge '16: Russell UdePremium Article 06/27/2015
Summer Bridge '16: Trevor HowardPremium Article 06/26/2015
Wright Keeps Cal's Commitment Train Rolling 06/22/2015
Laris Brings His Receiving Skills to Cal 06/19/2015
Becker Commits to Cal 06/18/2015
Kobayashi Keeps Cal Recruiting on a Roll 06/17/2015
Gamble Pays Off For Cal 06/15/2015
Drayden Picks the Bears 06/14/2015
Vanderbilt Brings Offensive Mentality to D for Cal 06/12/2015
Pac-12 Provides Calís 2015-16 Conference Home/Away Schedule Windows 06/08/2015
Cal Rugby Rolls 7s Again 05/31/2015
Bears Go for ĎThree-Peatí in 7s Rugby 05/28/2015
Latest APR Results Show Continued Improvement 05/27/2015
Boss Tagaloa Talks RecruitingPremium Article 05/26/2015
Zion Echols Finds His Promised Land at Cal 05/23/2015
Beck Follows His Dream to Cal 05/20/2015
Asiasi Weighing His Options 05/19/2015
Eifler Shines at Oakland NIkePremium Article 05/18/2015

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