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Practice Report Day 15Premium Article 08/18/2016
Wednesday Practice Report, Day 14 08/17/2016
Tuesday Practice Report, Day 13 08/16/2016
Monday: Cal Football Practice 08/15/2016
Allensworth's Talent, Savvy Lead Bears Secondary 08/14/2016
Ali-Walsh Commits After Official Visit to Cal 08/14/2016
Allensworth’s Talent, Savvy Lead Bears Secondary 2 08/14/2016
Scrimmage Report Day 11Premium Article 08/13/2016
Ervin & Adrian Recapture Magic in Rio 08/12/2016
Bear Insider Video: Zion Echols 08/12/2016
Fall Sports Preview: Rugby 7's & Womens Volleyball 08/12/2016
Practice Report Day 10Premium Article 08/11/2016
Practice Report Day 9Premium Article 08/11/2016
Practice Report Day 8Premium Article 08/09/2016
Bear Insider Video: Franklin & Bynum 08/09/2016
Practice Report Day 7Premium Article 08/08/2016
Practice Report Day 6Premium Article 08/06/2016
Ooms Making His Push at CenterPremium Article 08/06/2016
Practice Report Day 5Premium Article 08/05/2016
Bear Insider Video: Evan Weaver 08/05/2016
Practice Report Day 4Premium Article 08/04/2016
Davis Webb Named Starting Quarterback 08/04/2016
Practice Report Day 3 08/03/2016
Practice Report Day 2Premium Article 08/02/2016
Practice Report Day 1 08/01/2016
Enwere Sees Running Back Strength in NumbersPremium Article 08/01/2016
Fall Camp Preview 07/30/2016
Transfer QB Casts a Big Shadow 07/28/2016
Bear Insider Video: Mi'Cole Cayton 07/23/2016
Bear Insider Video: Charlie Moore 07/19/2016

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