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No Pics Today-Just Notes - 05-13-2009, 03:31 PM

I went by the stadium today,on a "pilgrimage" to Oscar's.Sorry,I didn't take any pictures.The whole area looks like a construction site...DUH !

Roaring Oski is missing in action.It appeared that they were digging up the base or modifying it.Hope the furds didn't steal him.Never saw it.The southside dig is twice as deep as it was 2wks ago.There was a CAT in there this am digging deeper.The whole area in general looks more excavated.

The new wood seat benches are being installed in the Blue Zone.Same as last year-not all of them-just the most rotten-why don't they replace them all ?The area around the south scoreboard in missing the seats etc.,in preparation for some support work.Just walking across the bleachers I couldn't help but think,this place is a dump.Hopefully after the donors get their new seats,the rest of the place can get the metal benches and a major spiff-up. Hope that is the plan.

Next week I'll take some pics and post them.
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