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Originally Posted by smokeyrover View Post
Here's a video of the 2009 All-Canada All-Star Game. This game had legit D-1 Talent (Mangisto Arop, Cory Joseph, Tristan Thompson, Brady Heslip, Maurice Walker, Kelly Olynyk, Junior Cadougan, etc.)

Murray is #31 in black.

(0:45) He gets blown by while guarding Marquette's 2009 recruit Junior Cadougan here. Not a terrible thing, it just looks like he got caught looking for a ball screen.

(3:00) Hits a three off a swing pass. Gets good elevation on jumper.

(3:10) Makes a nice baseline drive. Finishes with his left hand. Good athletic play.

(3:42) Makes a 3/4 court drive. Shows a solid handle and finishes shot.
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