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I've wanted JT gone for years, BUT - 01-17-2012, 04:20 PM

he is being treated unfairly here. I'm one of the Negas, have been for sometime so do NOT confuse this with S Pumping. I have been on the phone with my sources quite a bit today (they are well connected and have yet to lead me astray) and TOSH is to blame for this, not JT. I'm not sure how much I can say, but I'll give what I can. Here is the story/timeline as I have heard:

Tosh was offered a job at Wash and he came to JT with the "my heart is here speech". JT went and fought for Tosh to get the offer matched. JT and Tosh have a meeting where JT tells Tosh how much he wants to keep him, how he is an integral part of what they are doing, etc. He says that he went and got the offer matched and that he wanted him to stay, but that he won't/can't get into a bidding war for Tosh and that he (JT) needs his (Tosh's) word that this is done and that he (Tosh) isn't going anywhere. Tosh assures JT this is over. Tosh breaks his word, continues talking to UW and gets another offer which he doesn't present to JT, as he has already been told and committed to no bidding war.

JT didn't find out Tosh was gone (by voicemail) until he got off the plane for a recruiting trip Tosh was supposed to meet JT on. They were supposed to meet yesterday to recruit and Tosh didn't show.

Combine that with the fact that Tosh is breaking the unwritten coaches code of only recruiting for one school and he is dead to me and I suspect Cal and JT as well. If you are recruiting and switch schools, you stop recruiting those guys... pass them off to another on staff.

Truly despicable. In my estimation, JT has committed a multitude of sins, but this fiasco isn't on him. No one looks rosy in this, but this is Tosh's doing.

Hopefully this gives a picture of what went down without burning my sources. I don't want to talk about numbers, but if there are any questions, I'll do my best.

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