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Is Crabbe progressing? - 02-24-2012, 08:06 AM

I don't see it. He occasionally gets hot from outside, but he has a hard time creating his own shot, taking it to the hole, and he is not much of a defensive force.

Perhaps my expectations have been too high given the credentials he brought with him to Cal. (I believe he was the CIF Southern Section 4A Player of the Year as a high school senior. You would think that the CIF 4A POY would bring more to the table than he has thus far.)

He is at his best when he gets the pass coming off a screen and has time to set himself for the shot. (Who doesn't?!) Monty clearly gets this, as the team is continually setting picks for Crabbe, which is a good thing.

But Crabbe needs to help himself by lifting the level of his game. One writer said after last season that he needs to develop a bit more bulk so he can turn the corner and get into the lane when he drives from the wing. I have yet to see any sign of that. He also needs to work harder on his defense. And his shooting percentage could stand improvement. He probably needs to be a bit more selective with his shots, and the percentage will go up.

What do you think?
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