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12-04-2012, 07:42 PM

I'll say what I said in chat yesterday when asked (many times...): The names I've heard the most are Petersen, Diaco and Dykes. I'd be fine with any of them, though I'd qualify that I'd only be comfortable with a strong DC with Dykes. He'd likely bring former UCLA DC and current NMSU HC DeWayne Walker, who's pretty solid on D and a strong recruiter, but not super-inspiring.

I'm not saying it will be one of them, just that they're thee ones I've been hearing the most buzz on in relation to the opening. And Wednesday was the estimate I've heard the most but by no means did anyone say that day was set in stone.

I honestly don't understand the deductive abilities of some people. The, "Uh oh. That means..." when what's cited means squat in most cases. The, "I have a feeling" comments based on little to nothing are growing pretty tired, too.

I understand all the interest. It's a fun game to play. But getting tangled up in knots I don't understand.

I have faith in Sandy to make a good decision. I think she's been going about it in the right way.

Of the candidates out there, one of the few I'm not particularly interested in is Hue Jackson and that's not because I don't think he'd win here. I think he probably would. I just think it would be a bumpy ride and probably wouldn't last too long and I could see him have a revolving door of coaches with pro backgrounds that move around a lot and that's not good for the program.

I particularly like Petersen, Diaco and MacIntyre and have some interest in DeRuyter, too.

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