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Thread: cal's monster class deux

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    Quote Originally Posted by caltagjohnson View Post
    I was a Chemical Engineer. Hildebrand wrote one of my text books. I wiil go to my grave having witnessed Cal winning the NCAA BB championship. That is something most of you can only dream about while pissing and moaning. We had no blogs then. We had no computers then. Not even a calculator. We had a student body which packed the gym for every single game. Standing room only. Now we have twice as many students and probably half as many attending games. Most don't give a s**t about Cal basketball. The faculty and administration don't give a s**t either, BTW I paid about $50 a semester for incidental fees. Gasoline was about 20 cents per gallon. I remember gettting pissed when it went to 25 cents.

    Not so fast, "old" guy. I witnessed Newell '59 and Elliott and I even witnessed part of Pappy and post-Marv. I paid 35 cents for premium to run my Chevy. We didn't have computer access until 1969-70 (main frame, not laptops), and then you had to submit a batch of keypunched hollerith cards and wait until dawn and maybe run it again...and we loved it.

    Btw--You dudes didn't even want chicks in the rooting section. That didn't happen until 1964. What a bunch of dumb-aszes. So here you are 60 years later complaining that they don't want to be in the rooting section anymore. You wanna' talk about white shirts?

    Blogging is you are! Would you prefer to blog in FORTRAN?

    The fees are what they are. My most beautiful bride paid $45 per semester. I paid $133 per semester/quarter in grad school.

    So do we need to talk about rent?
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