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Thread: cal's monster class deux

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    oregon ducks

    the corrupt oregon ducks organization is led by criminal dana altman & is loosely affiliated with an academically mediocre school...the team is 16-2 including a 89-87 home win at mathew knight arena against ucla

    the ducks basically play a 6 starter rotation of skinny shot blocker 6'10" lbs chris boucher (13.7 ppg & 6.9 rpg), 6'7" 225 lbs dillon brooks (13.6 ppg), 6'4" 195 lbs tyler dorsey (12.7 ppg), 6'2" 195 lbs dylan ennis (11.8 ppg), 6'9" 225 lbs jordan bell (10.2 ppg & a team high 8 rpg) & 6'2" 200 lbs payton pritchard (8.3 ppg)

    here's the deal, oregon hasn't faced an elite d like cal (or arizona) all season & will struggle in their half court sets if the bears can minimize their transition breaks...the ducks are not a good 3 point shooting team (35.9% on the season) & nobody shoots over 39.1% (brooks) behind the line, that's why these guys aren't prepared to play in the nba...altman's point of emphasis on offense is to relentelessly crash the glass, the bears are the best team in the pac 12 in defensive rebounding, putting a body on their players & boxing out will be critical tonite

    defensively oregon's scheme is to play a zone (another reason their guys aren't prepared for the nba) that quickly doubles/traps the ball with their length...lots of dribbling tonite will be fatal, the bears gotta quickly & decisively pass the ball, the post interior behind the d passes to ivan, kam & the king will be available all game but will guys deliver the entry lob passes?

    other than dontae's couple of bruises from his shocky level fueled up basket attacks the bears are as healthy as we've been all season, that's gonna make a difference

    jabari has also gotta attack the basket & keep shooting, the bird man has gotta let it fly with a smile on his face

    the goal tonite will be to be the aggressor with ball stability & energy, staying together when the other team makes the inevitable run or two

    if them california golden bears make them crooked azz shooting oregon ducks shoot contested 3 balls & block out/dominate the defensive glass like they've done all season, the bears are gonna win

    compete (for 40 minutes)#

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    allonzo trier

    happy 21 birthday allonzo, the ncca isn't gonna let you play until there is zero trace of peds in your system, nobody is buying your asthma medication excuse

    to your credit, you haven't raped a teammate's sister

    a player's program#

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    taylor & i traveled to the 2015 nike summit in downtown portland back in the day so we could sit on the floor & deliver key recruiting messages to ivan, jayen & caleb...ivan smiled & waved when we yelled "go bears" & jaylen gave us "a funny smirk"

    it was very illuminating to learn that in all star games that the bigs got no chance to touch the ball other than offensive rebound put backs as allonzo trier jacked up a dozen+ wildly missed shots while never sharing the rock

    allonzo turned 21 yesterday, he's gonna declare for the nba draft after this season, he's gonna be cut because of his crooked azz shooting & then just be another arizona drop out like brandon ashley (who recently spoke at bishop o'dowd re: some of his decision making regrets, he had an actionable cal offer back in the day) with a limited future in a highly competitive global economy that favors the well educated

    jordan, next time you talk to the donut boy of tuscon ask him brandon ashley, elliott pitts & ray smith, ok?

    bear down#

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    Definitely need to get the ball into the post, but lob passes except when clearly open are a recipe for disaster against long defenders who can get a hand on them even when fronting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MilleniaBear View Post
    What the hell did he take that stays in your system for 4 months? Thats more than weed!
    according to the ncca appeal documents from arizona, it's "asthma medication"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shocky1 View Post
    according to the ncca appeal documents from arizona, it's "asthma medication"
    Asthma that was caused by a car accident, if I understand correctly

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    Quote Originally Posted by LOUMFSG2 View Post
    Asthma that was caused by a car accident, if I understand correctly
    that makes you stronger so you can raise your nba stock which is kinda pointless if you got crooked azz shooting

    ncca isn't buying this story either

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    justice sueing jr

    justice sueing scored 31 points with 9 boards & steals (defensive motor is running) as the mater dei monarchs checked out/cancelled the reservations for the santa margarita eagles 67-57 out of hotel california

    shocky is a mutt & has never met anybody from the islands that likes freezing azz weather

    high of 37/low of 28 in salt lake city today (not exactly aloha weather), high of 56/low of 50 in berkeley today

    don't be a cold dumb azz#

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    you gotta have poise & ball stability to win on the road in hostile venues against top 25 ranked opponents, that didn't happen tonite at the sterile (no collegiate charm) mathew knight arena in eugene...20 turnovers won't win ****

    worst game (as a healthy player) dating back to montera middle school in young ivee's basketball days, physically abused by jordan bell (11 of 12 field goals for 26 points) inside on a nite his own shot wasn't falling...fully expect ivan to play like his hair is on fire at oregon state on saturday nite

    as been repeatedly stated by me many times before, this isn't a very good passing team as countless open post interior passes were not made because of player indecisiveness and/or lack of passing fundamental skills...the bears are #11 in the pac 12 in assists & this game's 11 assists just confirms that a major flaw of this team is the inability to facilitate & distrubte one another, it's not a matter of guys being selfish at times (which was a limiting factor to the trajectory of last season's team) but it's just not happening right now...watching nick kerr on the bench it's pretty obvious that his opinions/solutions are not being inclusively weighed by the senior coaches on this team

    losing to the corrupt oregon ducks basketball organization is like a cut in the blood, the world is not ending but bad azz dontae coleman needs a lot more minutes to get the circulation moving on this fearful looking team, this team plays too candy azz soft at times

    and yeah dillon brook's injury is all about karma

    Quote Originally Posted by Shocky1 View Post
    piece of **** dillon brooks was ejected with a flagrant 2 foul for intentionally kicking josh hawkenson in the balls as the corrupt oregon ducks basketball organization (15-2) continued their journey into the heart of darkness under criminal dana altman's calculated watch in physically attacking 85-66 the washington state cougars (9-6)

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    dumb azz poster of the day

    congrats vol70, your the dumb azz poster of the day, if you told me you were still living in your's moms garage because your incapable of processing & dealing with life's challenges, i would believe you

    Quote Originally Posted by Vol70 View Post
    I know how Cal can get a coach who is a really good recruiter. Pony up a couple more million in salary for the head coach, lower admission standards for basketball players and upgrade facilities. Not that hard.

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    Bears drop game to Quacks

    Only game this season that Bears weren't competitive

    But Bird was aggressive in the 2nd half and showed off his firepower with 21 pts including 5-9 from deep

    I dont need easy, I need possible. Jorge Gutierrez

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    if the bears are gonna play candy azz soft d, then i hope coach martin will give that playing time to hungry guys like roman davis, nick hamilton & cole welle on saturday nite in corvallis

    today's practice is gonna be very interesting, a real gut check

    time to light a fire (who wants this?)#

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    the scoreboard

    1 & done lonzo ball with 12 of ucla's 30 assists (the bears had 11 assists in eugene) as the ucla bruins (19-1) stripper poled 102-80 the asu sun devils (9-10) who got 11 assists...yeah crisply passing the ******* (instead of dribbling to nowhere) to open teammates kinda matters, nick kerr could explain that if anybody would ask him but why bother, he's too young (just like luke walton) to know how the golden state warriors facilitate/distribute each other to championships

    usc trojans (16-4) continue their pac 12 slide (3-4) with a 73-66 home loss to the arizona wildcats (17-2)...1 & done lauri markannen scored 23 points including a clutch late game 3 pointer that his team needed, he's impressing nba scouts & he's gonna get minted in the 2017 nba major arizona donor golf buddy told me that the donut boy of tuscon is recruiting with the possbility that kobi simmons & maybe even rahwl alkins may declare too either tho neither one is ready for the league...for the record, there are significant traces of glazed maple bars with fuschia sprinkles in miller's system

    without tres tinkle in the line up & drew eubank who played but was a game time decision because of a thigh injury the oregon state beavers (4-15) got licked 62-46 by the stanford cardinals (11-8) who played without injured 4 reid travis...the beavs grabbed only 26 boards & turned the ball over 17 times

    louisiana tech bulldogs (13-6) stared down 74-66 the rice owls at americ'a best

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    Cal Gymnastics

    season already rolling

    I dont need easy, I need possible. Jorge Gutierrez

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    Jerome Randle

    It's how big you play
    Congrats Jerome Randle
    Conference Hall of Fame

    I dont need easy, I need possible. Jorge Gutierrez

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