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Thread: 2017 Men's Swimming Recruits

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    Quote Originally Posted by socaliganbear View Post
    Gotta love all the swim swam trolls. That site would be a lot less colorful without all the Cal posts. They're like catnip for trolls.
    Agreed, and I wanted to address some of the complexities of the NCAA ruling here. Some commenters are upset about the seemingly mercenary aspect (maybe, if they hadn't been paying attention to the ongoing story) and the brand ambassadorship. NCAA's rules are really designed to protect the member universities (read all the regulations linked in the PDF in the above post). The rules are laid out so that an athlete cannot use their athletic affiliation with a member university to personally benefit (this is why the football team's c/o 2017 commit, Poutasi Poutasi, and his extended family's GoFundMe was potentially dangerous). High schools get lumped into this too because the NCAA views them as feeder institutions. However, it seems that in limited situations, if some sort of commercial action was initiated regardless of an individual's intent to eventually profit from their university affiliation, that it can be accepted with some stipulations.

    For actual modeling (not brand ambassadorship), look no further than our football team's c/o 2017 commit, Biaggio Ali-Walsh, who got a modeling contract with Wilhelmina based on his family legacy. Maybe you could argue that it had something to do with his athletic ability, but for the rest of his life, he will probably be known as Ali's grandson first, football player second (although we all wish student were second and not third). Looking further out a bit, USC swimming's Santo Condorelli, also a Canadian Olympian, has been posting professional modeling photos on his Instagram --- this gig was clearly initiated just recently and not before he enrolled in college. Is his gig due to his university affiliation? Don't think so, but that's where USC's compliance people are on the ball.

    Finally, our favorite Singaporean talking point, Texas' Joseph Schooling, was offered many free gifts, including unlimited flights on AirAsia and rides on some car share service in Singapore for life; supposedly, he was able to get those gifts transferred to his parents and some other designees of his choosing (but that implies that the gifts were his to designate in the first place). Did he and his family benefit from his university affiliation? How is this any different from Auburn's Cam Newton situation? NCAA probably doesn't have jurisdiction over anything happening outside U.S. borders, and doesn't want to anger a P5 member institution (Texas) that otherwise had nothing to do with the Singaporean boosters. It's really complicated (just like all regulation) ....

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    Albert Gwo -> Columbia?

    Quote Originally Posted by UrsusArctosCalifornicus View Post

    Number 1 Sprinter in Class of 2016, Albert Gwo, Chooses Cal Bears

    Albert Gwo, the top sprinter and number 17 recruit overall in our pre-season rankings of the high school class of 2016, has elected to head an hour north from his hometown of Mountain View, California, to University of California, Berkeley.

    Gwo is a senior at Los Altos High School, where he won both sprint freestyle events at the inaugural California State Championships in May 2015. He registered lifetime bests in the 50 yard free (19.90) as well as the 100 (44.60), setting the bar high for subsequent meet record-breaker hopefuls. Gwo went on to great success in the 50 meter free at Junior Nationals; he clocked a 23.12 to finish fourth in that final, and he anchored Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics’ 4x100m free relay with a strong 51.45.

    The number one 50-freestyler in the class of 2016, Gwo’s best times include:

    50y free – 19.90
    100y free – 44.60
    10m free – 23.12
    100m free – 51.94
    100y fly – 49.72
    100m fly – 56.91
    50m fly 26.17

    Gwo is the first big commit for the Cal men’s team. The Bears have traditionally produced strong sprinters, but with half their NCAA runner-up 200 free relay having graduated (Seth Stubblefield and Fabio Gimondi), they welcome up-front speed to the bench. Gwo will join a deep squad that includes Tyler Messerschmidt, third-place finisher in the 50 free at 2015 NCAAs, Justin Lynch, Kyle Coan, and Long Gutierrez.
    Quote Originally Posted by dgong View Post
    As for Albert Gwo, I see no evidence that he is a current student, and therefore not a "grayshirt" and with the deep and talented 2018 recruiting class coming in, I am not counting on him swimming for Cal next year. But I hope I am wrong since he was an early 2017 commit and seemed to embrace being a Bear.

    Albert Gwo: '21

    Methinks collegeswimming may need to update their database!

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    Embedded in the middle of the article is an excel spreadsheet a listing by school of all 2017 men and women -swimmers & divers recruits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OBear073akaSMFan View Post

    Embedded in the middle of the article is an excel spreadsheet a listing by school of all 2017 men and women -swimmers & divers recruits.
    Thanks, OBear.

    Bryce Mefford | CA | Oak Ridge High School
    Daniel Carr | CO | Cheyenne Mountain High School
    James Daugherty | FL | Bolles School
    Jarod Hatch | CA | Ann Sobrato High School
    Nate Biondi | CA | Sierra Canyon High School
    Ryan Hoffer | AZ | Chaparral High School
    Sean Grieshop | TX | St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School
    Trenton Julian | CA | Glendale High School

    Jackson Gabler | CA | De La Salle High School

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