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Thread: Help for at-risk teens and young adults

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    Help for at-risk teens and young adults

    I am the founder and President of Blue Phoenix Educational and Therapeutic Placement Consulting. Families hire me when they need to find a therapeutic boarding school, residential treatment center, rehab, or even wilderness program for their sons or daughters who are struggling and in crisis. I am on the road for part of every month visiting programs all over the country so when a family comes to me I can assist them in finding the right program to fit the therapeutic and educational needs of their child.

    Please visit my website and forward to any families you know with an at risk teen or young adult who is in crisis and needs help.

    Andy John Odden
    Blue Phoenix Educational Consulting
    541 760-8505
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    Andy I know of kid on the wrong course ... But I don't want to cause any blow back issues ...I know his aunt. Any tips on handling this type of tricky situation.

    Signed just trying to help.

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    Sorry for the delayed response to your inquiry referencing my work with at-risk teens and young adults.
    I am on BearInsider almost every day, occasionally posting, yet I had not checked out that thread in several months. Again, my apologies.

    I understand it can be difficult when someone you know is having serious troubles that require intervention. I can say that most families I work with have come to the conclusion that the actions they are taking are being done to save their child's life. Suggesting such types of intervention to family members or friends can be very risky. It can also save a life and heal a family. There definitely are some strategies to consider when taking this step.

    Would you like to chat over the phone? Or email?
    I would be more than happy to do whatever I can to help or offer any suggestions I believe would be appropriate. However, for me to say more about what might be the best next step for you to take I would need to know a bit more about the child's specific issues.
    I hope we can continue this conversation soon.

    All the best,

    Andy Odden
    541 760-8505

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