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Thread: Corso files wrongful term suit

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    Corso files wrongful term suit

    There is a story in the Merc that Corso has filed a wrongful termination suit against Cal. Sorry I can't figure out how to link it from my phone.

    It strikes me as a reach given he submitted his resignation in late August just a week after hiring an assistant and a week before the start of Fall training. A week later he was announced as an addition to the staff of a WP club in LA.

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    What exactly does 1.3m cover? I'm assuming he made very low 6 figures...

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    That approximates 10x annual salary.

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    "The coach resigned in August, three months after signing a one-year contract that Corso says was designed by the school to create the illusion that he planned to retire after the season.:

    If he truly resigned, then how could he say he was fired?? age 62 and claiming 10 more years or work, possible as I am 76 and still working, but not the norm

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    I have seen the lawsuit but have not read through all 35 pages. Here is the complaint filed:

    1) Constructive Discharge in Violation of CA Gov Code 12940 (a)
    2) Age Discrimination in Violation of CA Gov Code 12940 (a)
    3) Gender Discrimination in Violation of CA Gov Code 12940 (a)
    4) Disparate Treatment in Violation of CA Gov Code 12940 (a)
    5) Wrongful Termination in Violation of Public Policy in Violation of Articles 8 and 31 of the CA Constitution

    Jury Trial Requested!

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    I'm sure he wants a settlement. I have witnessed his indiscretion with NCAA rules. He might be the most arrogant coach I've ever met at Cal. I think there will be plenty more folks that will be available to testify against him.

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