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Thread: Off topic:Why dont the tech companies move to more friendly states?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sycasey View Post
    Oh, I agree. I bought a house in Oakland last year and am basically banking on this gentrification improving things by the time my child is of school age.

    But I'm also aware that it will be primarily higher-income families who will reap the benefits, as low-income folks get priced out. The problems just get moved somewhere else.

    Hmm k wow

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    Quote Originally Posted by sycasey View Post
    Oakland has fairly strong rent control, but as rent prices skyrocket that's not necessarily a protection for low-income folks. It basically locks you in to your current residence. If there is need to move for any reason (say you have kids and need more space), then you're not finding it in Oakland. So you leave and your old place is filled by someone who can pay higher rent. Of course not everyone is pushed out at once, but the gradual trend is in that direction.
    The other thing that happens of course is that developers speculate on both residential and commercial properties, converting both to higher paying tenants

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    After seeing these, I'm thinking about raising my rent

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