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Thread: Marshawn to un-retire and join Raiders?

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    [QUOTE= they'll still be playing in Oakland for at least 2 years while a stadium is being built.

    Oakland would be crazy to allow the Raiders to remain in Oakland if they were cleared to move to Vegas. The Raiders should pack up and move immediately.

    Who cares where they play in the interim? Vegas, Santa Clara, San Diego.................... The Raiders left once, this time let them be gone immediately. IMO..

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    If the man want some to play, let him play! He is well aware of the possible consequences.

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    Hell no

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankBear21 View Post
    If the man want some to play, let him play! He is well aware of the possible consequences.
    Absolutely! He should do whatever the hell HE wants to do - he knows better than anyone else what he should do.

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    I hope Marshawn stays retired. Although I fully respect the fact that it's solely his decision, I'd try to convince him that retiring was the smartest thing he could have done. He paid his dues, played his heart out and left the game near the top. He left with no apparent permanent injuries and his noggin is still intact.

    Returning to the Raiders will surely end badly. I mean, come on, this IS the Raiders we're talking about. If the Raiders were instead a franchise like Green Bay (owned and beloved by the community), then this would be a big argument FOR his returning to the NFL. He would be "coming home" and playing out his days with a community and team that would love him to the end. What a great way to end your career, right? But the Raiders are NOT GB (in my layman's opinion) and he won't be the franchise player that a franchise like the Raiders could really use and rely upon. Nope, they'll use him up and spit him out like just about every other player. And in the past they've proven no loyalty to the East Bay; and their intended move only proves this point. Why come back to play for your "home" team when they aren't even the home team really? I just don't think the Raiders are the team to come home to and retire with.

    Marshawn Lynch's talents could be (and currently are) put to so much better use in the East Bay. He's already proving he's a total stud at self-marketing and promotion - but without the obvious self-centered schtick we'd expect from a celebrity (IMHO). They guy does all sorts of crazy, unique and exciting stuff. How many other NFL retirees have gone to foreign lands to ride wheelies on a bike? None that I know of - or at least that generated the buzz and publicity. Ha, the guy's great! He has the ability to psych people up and generate a buzz. He'd much better be the official Ambassador of the East Bay. How badly needed is that? Someone like Lynch could revitalize a region like the East Bay.

    For example (and given his bike skillz), did you know there's a genuine and significant desire and need for an East Bay BMX track? Local kids have to drive an hour or so to compete (Napa or Santa Clara) and many local kids just don't have the resources to do that. The 510 BMX team has tried to secure a local spot but with no success to date. Lynch could be the key to making it happen. And I would have suggested this before knowing Lynch is a skilled bike rider (I had no idea); but knowing that he is, I'm sure he could spearhead a movement to make it happen. And this is just ONE example of where his popularity and leadership ability would be a huge boon to Oakland and environs. Nah, he doesn't need to play any more football. Let him shine as a spokesman for his hometown and do the many things he loves doing, all the while not smashing his head in or destroying his knees and joints.

    Plus, he could spend some time at Cal to keep the RB recruiting pipeline alive and well.

    PS Plus, it's cool when he shows up at Oakland Tech in his Lamborghini - it psychs the kids up. His presence at Tech is just another benefit of a Lynch ambassadorship. He brings a lot of pride to a school and school district badly in need of pride!
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    I'd like to see Beast return to Cal and complete his degree. I know many will say that he's financially set for life and doesn't need his degree, but for many of us who grew up in Oakland Marshawn graduating from Cal would be a bigger accomplishment that anything he's achieved in football. He would really be a role model for kids from Oakland.

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    "Yo, f*ck hanky1. I'm gonna run over his azzz."

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    I'd love to see Marshawn in the silver and black.

    I'm not even a Raiders fan.

    Playing in his hometown.

    Making more money for the fam.

    Being the elder statesman.

    Bring it.

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    I wish him the best and if he does come back, I hope he has success. But as GB54 noted, I have a feeling his comeback will be more like Willie Mays coming back as opposed to Michael Jordan coming back that first time.

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