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Thread: More Issues

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    More Issues

    Both Mac Safari and Chrome on my MacBook are saying this site has malware and phishing software.

    I had to go through 3 stop signs to get on here to warn the admins.

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    Are you running an ad-blocker with your browser?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bear19 View Post
    Are you running an ad-blocker with your browser?
    I am running an ad-blocker with Chrome on my Dell desktop; and I get the same issue.

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    I get the same warning in FF. It is a google based warning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rkt88edmo View Post
    I get the same warning in FF. It is a google based warning.
    I can't even get on threads on Safari; this is from Firefox.

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    It's possible this is not malware/adware/phishing itself but rather BI having gotten itself on one or more lists (e.g. Google keeps one) of suspect sites due to the prior (now fixed) pop-up problem. This could cause BI to be blocked if/when your browser/software is set up to protect you from visiting sites on those lists. If so, it's a residual effect that requires BI admins to get the site off the list to fix.

    That being said, I get the same issue on chrome and will probably stop frequenting the site until it's cleared.

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    As we suspected, we ended up on several block lists because of our prior problem related to a rogue advertiser. As before, please clear your browsing history so you're not accessing a cached page that brings up the block when you try to access our site.

    Here's a message from the host duplex:

    The website has been removed from most of all block lists, except from the Yandex.

    The warning about the site posing a threat will be removed from search results if the Yandex robot does not detect an infection during the next scan, which could take more than usual.

    Your website is clean as none of malware scripts were found on new malware audit.

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    Thanks for the information, MB.

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    I cleared everything (cookies, history, passwords, cache) and still get the red screen at work

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    Yeah, same here. Still working on it.

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    An Admin can go to a search engine and request that their site be re-crawl. This might speed up the update from that search engine. Otherwise the search engine will re-crawl based on their regular schedule/procedure which based on a number of factors could be hours to weeks

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