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Thread: OT : The Healthcare Policy thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by sycasey View Post
    Question: how do you assess "quality" in health care? What are the metrics and where do European models fall short?
    In the OC, it would be the quality of breast enhancements and face lifts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OdontoBear66 View Post
    I empathize with your family members dilemma, but abhor your salty comments about billionaire resources. With regards to "extracting all (? exaggeration) the savings from the family" I still like the system in place in the early fifties when my grandmother's house was to have a lien placed on it for medical care but lo' and behold my strictly middle class dad stepped up and avoided that by paying her San Jose Hospital claim. A family matter. I have also seen some of your posts on the "equities thread". Why not you stepping up in this situation versus the American taxpayer. Sounds like you are capable. I am totally against bailing responsibility to the government. Step up dajo. At the same time very sorry about the dilemma as it is.
    You abhor this comment? "I'm sure billionaire families have better resources to go to but I'm not sure they have better outcomes. The beds are probably more comfy." You really are a snowflake.

    When my relative was first hospitalized 17 years ago I had no savings and a job that paid under the national median (in California) and plans to take on loads of student debt to attend graduate school. In other words, I was flat broke. I received a call that my relative was behaving erratically. I went over and convinced my relative to go to the hospital with me, where my relative was checked in. At the hospital desk I handed them my two credit cards and asked them to please give my relative whatever help that was needed. Fortunately that was not necessary, as my relative was a university student and had insurance. There wasn't anyone in the family at that time that had any substantial savings to fall back on.

    17 years later, yes, if MediCal and social security disability are taken away from the mentally ill who can not provide for themselves then my relative will still have shelter and medicine during the periods of time when my relative accepts aid from family. The mere acceptance of aid from a family member is sometimes a complicated matter - after all we are talking about a person with a mental illness so things that may seem simple to you are not always so simple (you see, I took my relative to the hospital, so that means I am part of the conspiracy to take away my relative's freedom. This means that by orders of my relative, who is an adult, the doctors are not allowed to speak with me or other family members. Patient's rights, and all. Am I covering new ground for you here? Are these things you've not had to consider ever before?).

    I am also happy to have an income high enough that we pay a few thousand a year in Obamacare taxes which helps to sustain Medicaid. This contribution helps my relative, but more importantly, it helps the millions who need assistance who don't have family with the means to pay themselves - such as our family 17 years ago.

    It is sad to me that so much of America has grown so selfish, that they don't want to help these millions of people.
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    OC in New York like the reality shows, or in Florida, or in California?
    Quality should also be a function of longevity; good look today, gone tomorrow.

    Quote Originally Posted by NYCGOBEARS View Post
    In the OC, it would be the quality of breast enhancements and face lifts.

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