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    Quote Originally Posted by XXXBEAR View Post
    Conditioning and strength- we don't talk about this too much, but over the course of many years, I have heard it said that Cal is one of the "softest" teams in the PAC 12 contributing to our under achievement despite catchy slogans (toughest team wins). Like all Cal fans, I hope the new staff really can help turn this around.
    In 2015 after the Cal vs sc game I Talked with a couple Sc football alumni one played in early 80's the other mid 90's and both were impressed and thought Cal was playing with more heart and grit since Ar days
    2012-13 was a soft as butter team compared to 2015. In 15 I saw a Cal Football team that didn't have fear in their eyes. I could hear respect in there voices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6956bear View Post
    Not completely certain, but I believe the prior S&C staff spent more time on the conditioning portion due to Bear Raid offense and tempo. My understanding is that under JW the S&C staff will devote more time and energy into developing strength while still making sure the team is well conditioned. Every team has a S&C program. Part of the answer to getting better involves recruiting bigger and better players from the outset.
    All true. Good post.

    In both football and basketball, we have gone back and forth as long as I can remember: The new S & C guy is the best; the old guy didn't know squat. Then, the guy that was the new guy becomes the old guy. We have gone through "more like REAL weight lifting", "more sport specific", "more conditioning", "more strength", "before and after pictures", etc.

    The reason other teams are usually stronger is that they start out with stronger young men who enter the program.

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