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Thread: Way OT: Popular Food Near Campus When You were a Student

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    Way OT: Popular Food Near Campus When You were a Student

    For me, this was in the mid-1970s. There was a Falafel Cart parked daily on the Bancroft sidewalk at Telegraph that often had a line, albeit a short one. I had never heard of falafel before and I wasn't interested in trying it, but the cart seemed to be popular (despite the pervasive aura of rancid grease), at least among hairy-armpit Earth Mothers and mal-nourished Tie-Die Vegetarians. The popularity of the cart piqued my curiosity but it was never enough for me to give it a try.

    My preferred post-class hangout with my Cal pals was Kip's -- usually draft pitchers or Black and Tans (Bass Ale and Beck's) with their greasy pizza. During mid-day coffee breaks, the Espresso joint at Bancroft and College (which we referred to as "Espresso Expensive" -- I think the actual name was "Espresso Roma") was an occasional stop. The downside of Kip's was having to hose off the soles of my shoes the next day to remove the sticky beer residue.

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    Sy's on Durant between college and bowditch. Hamburger, fries, and a large lemonade for $0.99. Kip's was a close 2nd, and Larry Blakes for a pitcher or 3...

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    Ippudo is opening up next to campus. Not sure if it qualifies, but it's Manhattan popular.

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    The other cool thing about Kip's around this time (I arrived in 1980) was on Saturdays in the Fall if you were on the team, and Cal won, each of the players got a free burger. They would just look at the program, see your picture, and give you your burger.
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    - top dog
    - chipotle (VALUE)
    - anything in ghetto, esp. gypsy's, kingpin, steve's
    - intermezzo's customizable $4 breakfast burritos
    - cheese n stuff (under durant parking structure), mostly just for the value
    - cafe milano
    - bongo burger
    - cheeseboard
    - brazil cafe
    - gregoire's (for splurging)
    - philz coffee
    - strada (for the "vibe." i never go into it)
    - espresso experience (korean mom&pop, great bulgogi sandwiches & korean fast food)

    - briefly, my roommate was obsessed with a brooklyn chicken parm place that opened up across from henry's...closed down a year later

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    Cafe Strada for their mocha bianca's.

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    Kips, the Rat, Top Dog, Pizza Haven, Blimpies, Sunshine Inn, and Sandwich-a-Go-Go.

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    Besides the traditional stuff that will be posted in this thread, I remember this Musashi cart that was at Bancroft and Telegraph at the entrance to the campus. I used to get a $3 chicken donburi for lunch like every other day. Anyone remember that one?

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    Top Dog, Steve's, Bear Ramen and Kingpin. Those were my joints. I had a buddy who worked at Cafe Fanny who used to hook me up there and at the Cafe at Chez Panisse. Great times.

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    Ratskeller for beer, LaVal's (Northside) for pizza, Wilkinson's (Shattuck) for breakfast. There was a hot dog place on Durant (not Top Dog) the name of which escapes me (Oscar's???), ah the ravages of time and abuse on one's memory.
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    I don't know if it's still around, but there was this Mexican restaurant on the Southside that was deemed by the guy who tonight was named the NFL's best player at the ESPY Awards as the best food ever. It was called La Burrita. Have any of you guys heard of it?

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    IB Hoagies always hits the spot. Especially if you want a good diarrhea.

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    I loved the Tathskeller on Telegraph. Favorite was the corned beef with Red Cabbage. Larry Blakes in the basement -Pretzels & beer & finished with steak & Caesar salad and another cold beer. Great memories

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    A little farther off campus, but one day after several hours of libating at The Hut on College Ave. my bud talked me into going to Flint's on Shattuck. I recall getting there around midnight and the fluorescent lights there were bothering my eyes.

    My bud talked me into ordering the "three-way" which I did, even though I had no idea what it was. I vividly remember it was hot and steamy in there, and the brother behind the counter - whose sweat was dripping from his head into the food in the steam trays where the food was being held - asked if I wanted the "white boy" sauce, the "hot sauce" or if I wanted him to 'tease it.'"
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    The Comeback Inn was awesome the summer I worked as a Calso counselor...

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