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Thread: Way OT: Popular Food Near Campus When You were a Student

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    Quote Originally Posted by KoreAmBear View Post
    Besides the traditional stuff that will be posted in this thread, I remember this Musashi cart that was at Bancroft and Telegraph at the entrance to the campus. I used to get a $3 chicken donburi for lunch like every other day. Anyone remember that one?
    +1 also one if my go to places

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    Cocolat. Apparently I was a foodie but didn't know it yet.

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    I was a Southsider alot of my time there at Castlecrag aptmts.

    So...Durant Center: Manuels beer and carne asada burritos, Kingpin, uncertain ground(just for the faux earthquake decor), jade garden.

    Top dog, Kips for pitchers and pitchers, Heidelbergs day (and night when it transformed into a chinese menu).

    Down the way on telegraph Mezzo, Berkeley Market deli , sometimes joshyu ya and casa de eva for the high back booths and rc gormans across every wall.
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    In 1968 it was 1.) Dream Fluff donuts, 2.) Bertolas, 3.) Top Dog, 4.) Fentons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeninsulaBear View Post
    Cocolat. Apparently I was a foodie but didn't know it yet.
    Holy s$it, Alice Medrich.

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    Quote Originally Posted by docfrom74 View Post
    In 1968 it was 1.) Dream Fluff donuts, 2.) Bertolas, 3.) Top Dog, 4.) Fentons.
    Fentons, good call.

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    Jerry's Gross Burger in Northside. Pizza Haven for it's fried chicken dinner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bearister View Post
    Kips, the Rat, Top Dog, Pizza Haven, Blimpies, Sunshine Inn, and Sandwich-a-Go-Go.
    You nailed it for me - I'd add King Pin, Manuel's, Heidelberg, LaVal's on Northside, Taiwan on University, down to Bertola's occasionally, & Fenton's. Thanks for the reminder on Blimpie's. And Flint's after a few beers - great place to go at about 2 AM.

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    I miss Flint's

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    In my time (early '80's): Bertola's, Bongo Burger, LaVal's, Top Dog, Fondue Fred's, Fentons. Just writing this list is giving me stomach rumblings, of both a good and a bad sort.

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    Zona Rosa and Mario's La Fiesta. The Baked Potato cart on Bancroft at Sproul Plaza.

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    I can't be the only one who actually liked Blondies. Mid-70's and early 80's (my two stints at Cal) there was always a line out the door. Yes, mainly it was cheap. But it was also good, once. A long time ago. BTW, there is still a Blondies in Pleasant Hill. As bad as the one on Telegraph just before its merciful demise...

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    I enjoyed slices at Blondies just fine. Cheap too.

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    On Northside in the 60's it was kinda sparse (as was my food budget)
    Top Dog Late nights at Campbell
    Giant Burger (for pie)
    LaVals for a movie night at Northside Theater (or whatever it was called)
    back then movie and pizza was the pinnacle of my social life

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    Quote Originally Posted by oskirules View Post
    Cafe Strada for their mocha bianca's.

    I ate at Fat Slice more than anywhere else - but mostly because a slice and a coke was $1.50 or something like that.
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