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Thread: Way OT: Popular Food Near Campus When You were a Student

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    Quote Originally Posted by Go!Bears View Post
    I can't be the only one who actually liked Blondies. Mid-70's and early 80's (my two stints at Cal) there was always a line out the door. Yes, mainly it was cheap. But it was also good, once. A long time ago. BTW, there is still a Blondies in Pleasant Hill. As bad as the one on Telegraph just before its merciful demise...
    I pretty much like any pizza if I am hungry. For the price and huge slices, I ate there a lot.

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    I loved Manuel's Burritos- sitting on beer kegs with a pitcher and chips and beans for 99 cents! Bertolas, Flints, and Blondies worked too😀

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    We more or less stuck to the four food groups: Pizza, beer, ice cream, popcorn--

    College Ave Liquors for sandwiches. And kegs, but also sandwiches. One sandwich lasted two meals.
    Yogurt Park for Sunday dinner.
    Swensons and Top Dog (next door to each other on Durant) late night.
    Vivoli's for gelato til the power went out and all the ice cream melted, flooding the store and putting them out of business.
    LaVals Northside for pizza and beer.
    Colonial Donuts when they were still made fresh on Northside.
    UC Theater popcorn with the double feature.
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    I drank as an 18 year old at La Val's, the Rat, and McNally's without even having to flash a phony. On my 21st birthday when I showed my ID to get my free drink at McNally's barkeep Tommy said, "Why you SOB, you have been drinking in here for years!" The good old days.

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    This was the post square ball era not long after Cal's last appearance in a Rose Bowl (v. uI Hawkeyes, Iowa City, IA).

    On Tele:
    Kips's cooked burgers on an open grill, and that was good. tLarry Blake's was the institution. Orange Julius.
    Caffe Mediterranean (Tele near Haste; across the street from Cody's and Moe's) was where you went for a cappuccino and where some listened to the Clay v Liston fight #1. Down the road (Tele), Casper's was thee dog joint, doing business since WW-2. Top Dog came along in the mid-60's. Further down the road---Emil Villa's Hickory Pit and Bertola's.

    LaVals on Euclid was on the Northside, and so was Cafe Espresso (aka Cafe Depresso) on Hearst. Later came the Egg Shop and Apple Press.
    I do not remember the name of the northgate burger joint, but I don't think it was Jerry's Grossburger operated by the Olsen brothers (Jerry and Pete--Cal QB and BB).

    There was Edy's ice cream parlor and cafe on SE corner of Shattuck at Alston, and a grocery/produce market on the SE corner of Shattuck at Kittredge. Ristorante Giovanni's. Mel's drive-in closed in 1962(?). Pisco's Pizza (now dba Big Al's Burgers on San Pablo Ave in Albany).

    The Gourmet Ghetto:
    The GG did not exist until Peet's (1966) opened at Walnut and Vine followed by the Cheesboard. What is now the French Hotel was BFD Fire Station #3. What is now the Cheesboard was Hustead's Garage, and what is now Safeway/Andronico's was Berkeley Food Coop. What is now Barney's, Crapevine, et al, at the SW corner of Shattuck and Cedar was Truman's Funeral Home.

    Away from campus:
    Berkeley Square Lounge and Restaurant on the north side of University Ave was at the famous "1 mile drinking limit" from campus...west of Sacramento adjacent to and east of the Santa Fe RR right of way.

    West Berkeley fringe:
    Ravazza's Pizza was near Juan's Place, both on 9th Street. Brennan's and Spenger's were both at 4th Street and University. Spenger's was affordable.
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    At the time (mid to late '70s) I thought Kips pizza was great.

    Blimpies had just opened my freshman year if I recall correctly and that was also real good.

    La Fiesta for Mexican food once in a great while and when I had some extra cash, which was rare.

    I don't think anyone mentioned Giant Hamburger (not to be confused with Giant Bongo Burger), which was greasy but good, and often mentioned as an alternative to Top Dog for late night dining.

    I also ate on campus since I worked in food service and there was a decent deli in Lower Sproul.

    Eventually got over to northside and La Val's.

    Did anyone mention the legendary donut place on northside where people would line up at odd hours for fresh donuts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by slobear View Post
    At the time (mid to late '70s) I thought Kips pizza was great.

    Blimpies had just opened my freshman year if I recall correctly and that was also real good...
    Blimpie's on Bancroft across from the Hearst Gym? I ate there a lot. They used to sprinkle vinegar and oil dressing on the shredded lettuce on their subs which I loved. I recall it was either next door to, or a few doors up from, a small men's clothing store that exclusively sold Cal Bear preppie apparel and accessories -- Cal Blue suits and sportcoats, Cal or Bear logo dress shirts, polos, ties, cuff links, umbrellas, etc. I rarely bought anything there on my student budget but I enjoyed looking around and chatting with the Old Blue proprietor.

    I was a South Side denizen so I rarely ventured to the North Side, but did hit LaVal's a couple of times. The place seemed dead to me. I think there was also a LaVal's on Durant.

    I also liked Juan's Place for a cheap Mex fix. I understand they are still open. I haven't been there in over 40 years. Anyone know if it it any good these days?
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    Quote Originally Posted by calumnus View Post
    I miss Flint's
    After Flint's, did you ever venture into the " 'Til Two" bar next door? I did. Once.

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    Northsider here . Midnight study breaks > down to Giant Burger. LaVals for pizza and beer and downstairs was always crowded.

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    Man, Pepe's Pizza was the bomb. We'd meet there to plan our protests against President Johnson.

    Man, Jules Ice Cream was the bomb. We used to go there to discuss protesting President Eisenhower.

    Man, the restaurants next to Sather Gate were the bomb. We used to gather there to discuss protesting President Roosevelt.

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    Irv used to get so pissed off when we'd come in with greasy, sticky fingers and paw through the leather jackets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KoreAmBear View Post
    Besides the traditional stuff that will be posted in this thread, I remember this Musashi cart that was at Bancroft and Telegraph at the entrance to the campus. I used to get a $3 chicken donburi for lunch like every other day. Anyone remember that one?
    Yes on the chicken donburi

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    Quote Originally Posted by 77Bear View Post
    A little farther off campus, but one day after several hours of libating at The Hut on College Ave. my bud talked me into going to Flint's on Shattuck. I recall getting there around midnight and the fluorescent lights there were bothering my eyes.

    My bud talked me into ordering the "three-way" which I did, even though I had no idea what it was. I vividly remember it was hot and steamy in there, and the brother behind the counter - whose sweat was dripping from his head into the food in the steam trays where the food was being held - asked if I wanted the "white boy" sauce, the "hot sauce" or if I wanted him to 'tease it.'"
    Flint's remains my baseline for BBQ. Three-way all day. Was sad to see it go (the one on San Pablo).

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    Juans, Manuels, Top dog, Kips, Fat Slice, Blondies, Fentons, KingFish and a burger place maybe across the street from Top Dog that I can't remember the name of.

    Jesus, look at that list - oh to have a young person's metabolism...

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