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Thread: UCLA's new Under Armour uniforms released (photos & video)

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    I think a lot of it has to do with camera quality and night vs day game more than anything.

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    Well, the UCla numerals are OK as far as font, but I think the white trim on the numerals will result in the numerals looking yellow from a distance.. I hate yellow on almost anything and prefer the darker shades of gold we used in the 40s, 50s and 60s. Yellow is Oregon's color anyway.....ugh.

    While I like the overall look UCla has gotten from UA, I still think the Cal uni looks better overall. We have an advantage in color because dark blue is stronger than light blue, and I think the gold in our jerseys will look stronger since we don't have the white trim around the numeral.

    On Moraga's picture (above) I prefer the darker, stronger gold Muncie has, but that picture also benefits from having natural grass which absorbs rather than reflects light. Notice the fade in the pic on the right (fake grass). I'm hoping the new "turf" will have less glare and less reflecting character. It will make watching games (both on premises and on TV) better as well as making the units look darker/stronger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoragaBear View Post
    Seems to be brighter yellow

    The 2007 ones were game-used. When they first came out before the rain, they were super bright.


    Just think how much these Joe Roth era uniforms are enhanced by having blocked numbers.

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    The Roth era unis are too "disco." Blocked numbers would look good as well as a true gold color. I hate the all blue combo and wished they'd kept the gold jerseys.

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