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Thread: Are there Posters here you don't want to read?

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    Are there Posters here you don't want to read?

    Click on User CP near the top left corner of your screen, then find the Settings and Options group in the left navigantion bar, and Edit Ignore List in that group.

    Click that, then type in the name of the poster whose posts you don't want to read. The system will even help you with the spelling - get the first few letters of the user name right and the system will find names that match what you've typed.

    It's easy to take a poster off your ignore list at any time.

    We've seen a few complaints about one poster or another; the idea here is to let readers here self-manage what they wish to see by using the "ignore" list.

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    As a matter of fact, there are

    If you could do something about all the World of Warcraft power levelling/viagra/etc. spam posts, that would save us all a lot of time.

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