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Thread: OT: Cal v SC baseball

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    OT: Cal v SC baseball

    On if anyone wants to watch it. My first time seeing cal this year. Tie game 4-4 in the 3rd atm.

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    Not anymore. 10-4 Cal, B3. Thanks for the link.

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    hey...if we keep this scoring pace..the final score will be 25-8 lol.

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    Nice to see $C gets phantom calls in sports other than football too.
    Good thing we're up big.

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    this johnson kid for Cal is pitching really really good so far. 9k's in 5 innings. Sounds like he had a tough 1st inning then shut the door on the trojams since. On a side note...these amateur annoncers on this channel are funny to listen to lol.

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    Actually I'm listening to Old 97s instead so I guess I haven't gotten the full experience haha

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    I just stopped watching the game..I figure if Cal blows it now..I don't wanna see it anyway lol. They're solid from what i've seen so far. Remind me of Oregon State of years past to be honest.

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