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Thread: ESPN reporting that Anderson rejects Oregon

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    Shoe fits, wearing what---?

    Quote Originally Posted by tsubamoto2001 View Post
    Are you an alien? Just kidding.
    I bet you're a New Balance guy, right?
    I wish Cal had it's own version of a poor man's Phil Knight sometimes. The Haas family has been sort of big donor, but not to the degree of Phil Knight.
    Not really an unusual ped---I have two and no ped probs. Asics, Merrill, Lowa, and Vasque seem to work best. NB is excellent, but only an OK fit. But never found Nike or Adidas a good fit---nor Puma.

    PK is "over the top" or "meddling" to some outside observers, and "cutting edge" to others. He is also supportive to OSu and other Oregon schools and things "Oregon" generally.

    The episodes @ UO since New Years' Rose loss to the Buckeyes became distractions that were not handled particularly well by Coach Chip, AD Bellotti, nor by the image conscious UO Prez---IMO.

    Good Coach Ernie, as you know, had a considerable UO history as player, coach, and member of the community. BUT it's all about business, winning, and what have you done for me lately. When the Ducks floundered through a second straight "rebuilding" season---yada-yada. Maybe a few folks took some of their post-FB season related frustrations out on the hoops guys?

    Have a great day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidDempster View Post
    I pity them. It's Phil Knight who I dislike. He's brought much needed wealth and support to Eugene, to be sure. But he's also made his alma mater into an addict for his dollars because the Ducks can no longer make a move without consulting Uncle Phil. And they also don't dare pi$$ him off because they might go into forced and dramatic withdrawal.

    Of course, that's based on what's being reported in the media. I could be wrong.
    phil has already pulled his money when the oregon administration critisized their sweat shops. i'm sure he'd threaten to do it again if they didn't hire someone he was happy with. in reality they should roll the dice with an energetic young coach. if it doesn't work, then fire him and spend all of phils money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BGGB2 View Post
    Exactly. When are they going to wake up and smell the coffee?

    BTW: do you think Stew Morrill (sp?) of Utah State would consider this job? I don't know anything about him other than he has worked miracles at the (distant) third banana in the state of Utah behind BYU and UofU.
    Stew Morrill is from the Monty branch of coaches and is an amazing coach. He reloads every year, I don't know how. He always beats BYU and Utah in OOC every year. The Glenn Dee Spectrum is one of the most underpublicized college hoops homes around -- the place is just ROCKING every night and it's packed. They've lost less than 10 games there in the last decade.

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