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Thread: What about Chinese food?

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    Hunan Villa in Pinole

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    Name has changed

    T&T Seafood (used to be called Happy Palace) on Monterey Blvd. in SF is still good.

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    Henry's Hunan: 2nd and Natoma

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    Best Taste in downtown Oakland. Sometimes I'll go and get a pound of Char Siu and a duck and just have a feast with my buddies. I still love Great China on Kittredge. One of the best Peking ducks I've ever had.

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    Here's my list. I've spent my whole life eating and cooking Chinese food so I'm sort of particular.

    Daimo - in the big Asian shopping mall Richmond near Albany hill. Expensive but portions are big. Entrees are good but do not go here for dim sum. Open till 2 a.m.

    Henry' Hunan - family owned with several locations in SF. They used to supply the Giants with their clubhouse spread. Go to the new one on Church and 22nd(?). Jeff, the owner and waiter is one of the best waitpersons I have ever had. Always cheerful and can talk baseball.

    Yet Wah - in the Richmond district in SF. Good dim sum and entrees.

    Golden River - 22nd and Geary in SF, next to Ton Kiang. It's been years since I ate there, but remember it being very good.

    Jac's Asian Bistro - Near Central Ave and San Pablo in El Cerrito. Cheap, hole in the wall, no frills, good for the price. Huge menu.

    In general, if you are in SF, go to the restaurants in the Richmond district, not Chinatown. You can find good food in Chinatown, but the cleanliness factor will make you think twice.

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    I do know

    Yeah,I knew this! give us more pls.

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