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Thread: Jeremy Ross' Crib - funny guy

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    Jeremy Ross' Crib - funny guy

    Here's a link to a video of Jeremy Ross giving a walk through of his house. The end's my favorite part.

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    Seems like a cool dude and keeps it real, down to earth and funny. Hope things work out so he can be on MTV's cribs.

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    If he doesn't work out in the NFL, he's got a future as an entertainer. A good looking guy that is very comfortable in front of the camera.

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    man, what a big-time crib for a college student.

    two story condo with 60" LED TV, PS3, walk-in closet with hidden storage area, Benz S-series and Hayabusa motorcycle!

    Oh wait, that's what condom players have. LOL at Ross' old school computer.

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    Loved the "walk-in closet" with the hidden extra space and the escalator. It looks like he lives in those apartments up by the Caldecott Tunnel. They are erecting some major sound walls in front of those places right now. It looks like they would block any the view of the Bay from there, but there may not have been that great of a view anyway. I've never been there to know.

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    Hahahaha! Great video. That's how college athletes should live - modest, clean but comfortable digs. Not like the $C playas.

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    Great video....lots o fog out there. Go Bears

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    Quote Originally Posted by CalBear68 View Post
    They are erecting some major sound walls in front of those places right now.
    I thought it looked to be that same spot (what other place would have a major freeway that close?). The sound walls are temporary for the 4th bore construction, of course Ross will be long gone before the walls come down.


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    That was funny -- I love people that aren't afraid to "spoof" themselves .....

    I was laughing hard at the "bus pass" segment ....

    GO JR -- GO BEARS!!!!!!!

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