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Thread: One exclamation and two questions:

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    One exclamation and two questions:

    Exclamation: Fine game, CalGals! (And a great relief--always nice when everyone shows up to play. Now if only this would happen on the road.)

    Question 1: I frequently hear/read on this forum that what Cal needs most is a true point guard. Who, among the other Pac-10 teams, possesses one? Just curious.

    Question 2: Am I not paying attention, or do Foley and the screens NOT announce scores for the other Pac-10 teams playing that same day/evening? And if not, why not? I think this used to be done in Haas. Anyway, I'm e-mailing Sarah Holsinger to make the suggestion:

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    My view

    There are many ways to have a team. I don't think you need a true point guard. Stanford's team has a small forward playing point guard and they haven't had a great point guard in 20 years. They do just fine.

    It is how you structure your team. Gonzaga form years has played two point guards since the days of Santangelo. and they were a very sucessful.

    On the other hand, Brittany Boyd is a true point guard with scoring skills. She is especially good on the break.

    Sometimes they announce scores at the women's game but not oftern. I was thinking last night. I wonder what the Stanford-UCLA game score was.

    I also they they should announce the Cal men's game score.

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    yeahbut, we were behind.

    > I also they they should announce the Cal men's game score.

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    "True" point gurads in the Pac-10: Doreena Campbell (UCLA), Ashley Corral (USC), Dymond Simon (ASU), Shanita Arnold (ARIZ), Nia Jackson (ORE), and April Cook (WSU).

    The caveats: I don't know about Oregon State, since I have yet to see the new lineup in action. I listed only the starters, but--obviously--many of these teams also have a "true" point guard on the bench. I am also not sure if I'd put Sarah Morton from Washington in this category, but she certainly deserves consideration.

    Oddly, it's mainly us and Stanford that don't play a true point guard. Jeanette Pohlen has done an AMAZING job to turn into one and play like one. Unlike Cal, however, Stanford has 2 more or less "true" point guards on their bench: Mel Murphy and Toni Kokenis.

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    Where you been Bleacher bear

    I woiuld say, year in and year out the weakest position for Stanford has been their point guard. When Wiggans came in from high school everyone projected her as a point guard. So where does Stanford put her. At off guard.

    If you watched the Conneticut men several years ago during one of their Championship seasons, they had multiple ball handlers who could create their own shot. A point guard is more valuable when your scorers can't create their own shot. Witness our men's team when Smith took over at ppoint. He is a distributer but not a scorer. Cal men do have some scorers but they must get the ball in a postion that suits them as they don't create their own shot as well.

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