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Thread: who's going to the games?

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    who's going to the games?

    I will be going to Thur game vs the ducks however can't make it SAT. for I assume SR night I am thinking they need at least a sweep of the Oregon school and 1 win in pac-10 tournament to get invited to WNIT again. Hope Cal can get out of their funk!!

    Coach Joanne is keeping a low profile. She wasn't at the Monday's coach corner and she has cancelled the teams banquet though she was a the bearbacker dinner.

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    I'll be there

    Both games plus the last men's game.

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    Both games

    And I intend to cheer loudly when the OSU starters are announced. They are a gritty lot, and I respect the job Scott Rueck and his staff and players have done this year.

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