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Thread: New Mexico Coach Resigns After Player Revolt

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    New Mexico Coach Resigns After Player Revolt

    Longtime coach Don Flanagan retires from New Mexico with one year still remaining on his contract.

    A subscription-only article in the Albuquerque Journal said in part:

    The resignation came after five freshman players informed Flanagan of their intentions to quit the team ...

    Flanagan said the freshmen (Tina Doughty, Erin Boettcher, Morgan Toben, Brianna Taylor and Jasmine Patterson) informed him of their intentions to quit during postseason individual meetings last week ...

    Flanagan said he made numerous phone calls to the freshman players and their families and coaches late last week, trying to change their minds but to no avail. He decided over the weekend to resign.

    Boettcher is the 6'4" center from Carondelet HS in Concord. She averaged 2 pts, 2 rebounds and 11 minutes per game. There's no indication yet if the five freshmen will decide to stay now that Flanagan is leaving.

    Cal fans became familiar with Flanagan after we played New Mexico 3 times during the Joanne Boyle era (including the loss in the Pit this season) and his teams were always disciplined and very well-coached.

    Sad end to a great career.
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