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Thread: Brendon Bigelow

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    Everything you say is true, but true freshman running backs succeed throughout college football every year. BB is a jaw-dropping talent and given that we don't exactly have the four horsemen ahead of him, it wouldn't surprise me to see him get more touches than any true frosh under Tedford has.

    If Sofele proves he's the total package (as Arrington and Forsett did to keep Marshawn and Jahvid off the field respectively) then Bigelow will have to wait a year to take over.

    All of this of course is assuming he's 100%.

    Quote Originally Posted by CrimsonBear View Post
    new qb and new rb (with questions on the Oline) is not a good recipe for success. maynard is going to need help back there. gould/jt are pretty conservative. have we ever had a true freshman start at RB under gould/jt? lynch and best came in but were not the primary ball carriers.

    how many true freshman have started at a skill position? only ones i can think of are DJ and Keenan.

    isi will be the starting back. hoping bigelow is healthy and can come in for 5-15 plays a game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LessMilesMoreTedford View Post
    Impact, yes. Starter? No. Neither Reggie nor Jahvid were ready to do anything more than amass 5-10 rushes a game their freshmen year.

    I think Anderson has a better shot to win the starting job and do the Arrington 2.0 thing.
    jahvid was ready. dude was averaging 7 yards per carry before the injury. tedford just didn't use him enough.

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    Admittedly I don't know much about this subject, but doesn't Coach Gould have final say in distributing reps/deciding who's "ready"? Feel free to enlighten me if this is not the case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drunkoski View Post
    jahvid was ready. dude was averaging 7 yards per carry before the injury. tedford just didn't use him enough.
    Agreed. Lynch was also ready his true freshman year. They just both happened to be sitting behind 2 very good backs.

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    I think he'll be just fine. I'm excited to see him play, since I've always preferred speed backs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davidson View Post
    When I think of BB. Just can't help but get excited. Most of the 2011 recruiting classes tape, you get some Ohhhs and Ahhhs. But when you put his's like the next world. It's just straight fire. Goosebumps.
    Yeah, his tape was insane. He seems to have that Jahvid warp drive.

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    Yes. Tedford has repeatedly said that he leaves substitutions up to Coach Gould. The man has put his last 6 starters in the NFL, regardless of how the rest of the offense has performed. He is entitled to that type of deference, IMHO.

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    I wish I could 'will' a healthy BB on the field this year. I've seen his highlight video so many times and it still amazes me!

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    IF BB is healthy I suspect:
    1. at the beginning of the season there will be a "package of plays" for BB expanding as the season goes along.
    2.that most of these plays will be running plays but that there will be a few pass plays to get BB one on one in the open field.
    3. some plays where he is a decoy "messing" with the defense

    His recruiting video is definitely "Jaw dropping."

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    I've seen both Isi and BB in Berkeley this summer (Isi at cafe milano--getting his work done with a tutor), and BB with Avery Walls at Gypsy's (these are purely coincidences, I assure you lol).

    Isi looked huge, much bigger than I remember him as a freshman. BB looked very slender and smaller than I thought he would be, but I doubt he has been able to get into the gym much due to the injury (though I could be completely wrong about this--he was wearing his varsity jacket).

    I know jahvid was kind of small as a freshman too, and talent will ultimately trump all, but I'm honestly not sure if BB is ready to start right away just b/c of his size. He just looks too small. But that's just my opinion.

    Ps... Saw Moala and Puka Lopa at gypsy's too. I was kind of awe struck...Moala's legs are seriously like tree trunks....redwood tree trunks. Can't wait to see them on the field.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJbear View Post
    Ps... Saw Moala and Puka Lopa at gypsy's too. I was kind of awe struck...Moala's legs are seriously like tree trunks....redwood tree trunks. Can't wait to see them on the field.
    Damn. I should go hang out at Gypsy's more often. I would love to meet those guys...

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    It sounds like a better spot for first hand reports than the Boston Market in rockridge...

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    What many sometimes forget is that after this type of injury, it is just not the physical aspect of the game...that may be the easiest...but sometimes the psychological aspects of 2 severe injuries in a row are harder to overcome.. Sometimes it takes time to plant and turn with 100% confidence...sometimes you don't go all out because you are still yes, he needs to be 100% but that is both physical AND mental....some guys get over it easily and some take much much longer....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davidson View Post
    If he's healthy, he's going to play.

    My opinion is that he will play. You can't hold this type of talent back. He definitely got his jets from the Jahvid store. Looks like it might even be the new model.

    Even if you redshirt him, he can still leave after his true 3rd year.
    He had better play. It is not as if we have Best starting with Vereen as the as the #2 back. We must get some speed in the backfield.

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    IF BB is completely healthy then he should get 5-10 touches. I think that we will have an RB trio for the first time under JT with isi, BB & CJA. because i'm not comfortable with isi or BB running between the tackles yet.

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