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Thread: BearShare: Reshanda Gray

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    Reshanda is a unique and outstanding young person, as well as a very talented basketball player. It's a real credit to her and the university that she chose Cal on the basis of the school, the staff and the team. We all recall the anxious time after Jonanne's departure, when Reshanda's plans were uncertain. When Lindsay was hired, she retained Charmin and brought-in Kai Felton from Oregon. Reshanda was very happy to hear her two favorite coach/recruiters were going to be at Cal, and that Lindsay had a record of coaching bigs. The University was still the same, the staff was great, and the team at Cal remained largely intact. She didn't sway in her decision to become a Bear and fulfill her dream and realize the promising future she visualized in South Central. Great interview, pear!

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    That smile got a technical

    At least one person didn't appreciate it. But then again i didn't appreciate that referee's calling of the game.

    Seriously though. when I first saw Gray, she was playing on a team where she was the only star. There was one other half way decent player. But she didn't transfer to a basketball factory.

    Washington is a good academic school in an inner city environment. I don't think we have anything around her like it. Maybe in Sacramento. In San Francisco we have Lowell High. But it attracts students from all over the city. This school is pretty much just attracting inner city students.

    But it shows both loyalty on her part and decision making to make a better life for herself. A great quality.

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    Excellent presentation

    Great reporting. And a great job being done by Reshanda. What a story! How can you not root for her to achieve her dreams? I copied your article for each of my 10 through 14 year old grandchildren to read. Two have read it so far and were glued to every word. So often, the stars we see on the court can give the impression they got there with a lot of raw talent, and a dash of hard work, but for Reshanda to persevere as she has is a statement very large. Thank you.

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    Hats off also to some really great mentoring by Tyrone Dinneen. That kind of support is what many kids really need coming out of rough environments. I plan to send a contribution to his group for the work he is doing.

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