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Thread: At OSU thread.

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    I think it's because Washington is still not doing well. Both Cal and Oregon State are vastly improved, so the impact that Gibson and Boyd/Gray have on their teams is greater than Davis'. I'm glad I don't have to vote; I think Gibson, Boyd, and Davis have all had good seasons and large impacts on their teams, and I would be hard-pressed to commit to one over the other.

    Just think, if these 3 stay healthy, this could be a very good class of guards in the future of the Pac-12.

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    Uh, I don't think that anyone on this board would dispute that Nneka will be POY. Nor do I think that anyone would argue that she doesn't deserve it. Don't know what your point was. This subject has yet to come up over here. We're mainly concerned with the freshman of the year, which OBVIOUSLY neither sister is eligible for. And seeing Layshia win Player of the Week honors for this week, which she has now achieved.

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    Another interesting thing is

    If the 4 freshman (Wasn't that a singing group) as mentioned are on the all frosh team. whom would be the 5th freshman? Haven't thought this out yet. Might be Ariya Crook-Williams with a late surge but haven't checked the recrds of others.

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    It's a Blue World

    Quote Originally Posted by wvitbear View Post
    If the 4 freshman (Wasn't that a singing group)..
    The Four Freshman aren't known to me, which makes perfect sense since they started singing before I was born. And trust me, I'm an oldfart.

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    Block C Great link-I've been singing for 30 minutes now!

    Four versions of Surfer Girl! GO BEARS!

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    I'm old enough to remember them

    but I was young. I was born in 1946 so in 1956 I was 10 years old.

    I just got an album by the Ink Spots who's hey day was the 30's and early 40's. I'm teaching my class a combo of 16 tons and Java Jive. Java Jive by the Ink spots.

    If you notice the Four Freshman had a guitar and a bass. so did the inkspots plus a sax occasionally. The old Mills Brothers just had a guitar but did voice instruments in the 30's. I have some old records by them too. Plus Ella Fitzgerald with the Chick Webb Orchestra.

    I'll probably get kicked off this board for not talking women's basketball.

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