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Thread: "Boulder, the Berkeley of the Rockies" - Official Game Thread

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    "Boulder, the Berkeley of the Rockies" - Official Game Thread

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    Go Bears!

    BTW, they might smoke more dope in Boulder than Berkeley.

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    What's Monty's message by taking Jorge out this early?

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    I was wondering the same, maybe altitude?

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    Isn't Jorge connected to Colorado, wonder if he's pretty amped. He doesn't need a lot of extra incentive to get up for a big game.

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    i am thinking altitude. he also rotated out kravish, and jorge is now back in.

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    I thought a smart substitution pattern. Try to keep guys fresh for second half. As long as CU isn't getting a run it is really smart. One thing that Brandon CAN do (not that he will so emphasis on CAN) is run the half court offense and take the air out of the ball. I like giving him minutes in the first half. Now make the FT.

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    Did we get the CU home radio crew or something. Jeez

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    Between starting the trip in Utah and having the extra day of playing on Sunday instead of Saturday they should be fully acclimated and altitude should not be an issue.

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    What's the direct tv channel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by socaltownie View Post
    Did we get the CU home radio crew or something. Jeez
    Seriously, Reggie Theus?

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    I see a lot of standing around on offense. Not the crisp cuts we have seen in some of our better games. Pretty worried.

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    Colo will cool down (they better). They're just out of the gate fast given how Furd pounded them.

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    We're not playing defense.

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