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Thread: as the pac 12 champ do the dawgs get

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    as the pac 12 champ do the dawgs get

    an automatic bid?

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    No, it is not a consideration

    From what the NCAA committee said yesterday. I do believe they will get in, along with Cal and whoever wins the tourney, most likely Oregon.

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    No. Just tournament winner which is why Tournaments SUCK.

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    Tourney winner is the auto qualifier. I don't think a regular season champ has ever missed an at large bid from any of the power conferences.

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    This could be the first year.

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    OSU win over dawgs show...

    ...that these teams that have no chance for the tourney, unless they win it all are DESPARATE AND HUNGRY. They are fighting for their lives.

    We need to match that intensity and attitude.
    I dont need easy, I need possible. Jorge Gutierrez

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    They get an automatic NIT bid!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oakbear View Post
    an automatic bid?
    No. But they'll be in.

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    They're a bubble team now, fairly low RPI and no quality wins. Hope it bursts for them...

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    The only conference that still hands out auto bids for regular season conference champions is the Ivy League...

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