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    Screw you, Huskies.

    Thus begins "The Curse of Tosh."

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    Play-in spot in the NIT for the mutts.

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    La Maledizione del Tosh!

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    My deepest condolences to the Washington Huskies. Go win the NIT, guys. On behalf of my alma mater:

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    Just heard Dick Vitale saying he would've put in Washington over Cal. What a hater.

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    Hahahahahahah! Not happy with the Bears' season, but seeing Cal deny UW feels great! Eat shyte, dawgs!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adrian The Cal Bear View Post
    more and more, I love me some Mikey Silver.

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    Guess he was talking so dang much he didn't see that the Bears beat UW - in Seattle (oh, Dickie, in case you forgot that's UW's home court).

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    NNNNN-IT for Washington

    *sung to the tune of Bow Down to Washington*

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    So what are the UW dogs saying about getting the shaft?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FingeroftheBear View Post
    So what are the UW dogs saying about getting the shaft?
    About what you would expect .... when they are on the short end of the stick.

    If it is the other way around, they could care less .....

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    Even funnier:

    Before St. Bonaventure locked up the last auto-bid, the committee was prepared to vote on 6 teams to take the last at-large spot.

    Washington wasn't one of them.

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