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Thread: 2013 Rcruiting. Who's Out There?

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    HGs' 2013 PAC12 Recruiting Outlook

    Here is the link to HGs' PAC12 recruiting outlook for 2013 for those of you who didn't catch it. No big surprises, but who the hell are the Gonzalez twins and why didn't I ever hear about them. And I figured McCall was headed East but who knows. She'd be a great Bear.

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    Basketball good article

    I noticed that HoopGurlz did not have Courtney Range listed for Cal. Also, at least five top conference schools are evidently in pursuit of outside bomber, Kelsey Plum.

    How did HG come up with 7 scholarships available for 2013? Did they assume that Cal will fill every eligible slot (15)?

    Currently, Cal has a dozen scholies filled but Tierra Rogers has never played and Avigiel Cohen has barely seen the floor. In reality, Cal had 10 servicable players last season and used 'em all. GO BEARS!
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    Unless we get a 2012, which isn't looking likely, our 2013s will be our only upperclassmen in 2015-16. For that reason I'd like to see a balanced 2013 class with 4 or 5 players, including at least one who can play each position.

    Another factor is our current freshman class consists of two posts and two guards, depending on Avigiel's recovery and development. Either way no obvious wing, so that should be a 2013 priority.

    Also by 2014 all of our faster players except Brittany will be gone, so I'd like to see plenty of speed in the 2013 class.

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    Per HG Range is visiting Cal today. She is very good, a 2013.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobbk View Post
    Per HG Range is visiting Cal today. She is very good, a 2013.
    She's a Power 3 (wing, if you will), unlike Sherbert. More Foo but bigger and stronger. She would have 1 year with Foo and Sherb and then be the logical choice for the 3 spot. Hope she has a good day in Berkeley. Add Plum and/or Reynolds and we are strong in the backcourt for years.

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    I don't know if she is stronger

    or even bigger, What she has are extremely long arms and she is thin. Built much like Gabby Green. She is no taller than Sherbet but a better defensive player.

    When Jo Anne was here, we were recruite her. Saw her with Jo Anne after a game. But things seemed to disintegrate when JoAnne left. With Cal playing better and Lindsey being likeable well, you never know.

    By the way, Bobbk, did you go to the state tourney. Lots of talent.

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    No WV I didn't go to the State, but did record every game except D1 Girls, forgot it as it was delayed. But I read and loved all your reports. Range is like Gaby body wise as you say, not power at all, but an outstanding prospect who will shut down opposing 2's and 3's.

    You see Arizona just lost 3 players including their Starting Post, 6-5 Ally Rodhe? All transferring out

    Some here want height, Rodhe is good and going to get better.

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    What's going on with Arizona and Niya Butts? She has lost kids every year for the last 3 years and I've go to wonder why. Everybody just loved Lavonda Wagner for the first few years and then Kablooey!, a disaster.

    Rohde is an interesting possibility and the guard Butler is almost 50% from 3 pt land. Her regular FG percentage is much lower though. I wonder if she was going to the rim and getting rejected a lot. Xfers inside the Pac12 will assuredly cost a year sitting out, but they will each have 3 years more since they are only freshman. It may be a tough year for Rohde to get to a top program though, what with all the posts in the 2013 class. She was a top rated post from the 2011 class though, so she will have plenty of suitors.

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    If Coquese Washington leaves Penn State, does Candice Agee re-open her recruitment. It would be a similar situation to Stafford if CW leaves. They both may stay put, though. If not, Rohde's stock drops a little.

    On another front (a little OT), Daedra Charles has apparently also interviewed for the Michigan job. With the departure of DeMoss, if Charles leaves, only Holly Warlick will be left. If Pat's retirement is imminent, UT may not be considering Warlick for the job. Why not name her now? Tennessee may be looking to have a hire in place before Pat announces. If not Caldwell (and I don't think she leaves LSU after 1 year), then who are the candidates? Kelley Jolley is one, but there is another guy who has ties to Tennessee. Would Mitchell leave KU to return to Knoxville? Maybe Insell? Could Mulkey bolt and leave her troubles behind? Lotta question marks in this paragraph.

    But this is relevant because these events have ripple effect in the WBB community. If one of these coaches leaves, who replaces him/her? Speculation ad nauseum.

    I hate to back up posts, but I want this thought to be read. Sometimes if you just add on to a previous post using edit, it gets missed.

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    Speaking of Mulkey...

    Speaking of Mulkey, worth a read from WAPO:

    Baylor’s Kim Mulkey dropped the ball on protecting game’s integrity

    By Sally Jenkins, Published: April 13

    Of all the crackups by coaches this week, one was more disappointing than all the others, and it wasn’t Bobby Petrino going “Easy Rider” into a ditch after losing control of his gearshift. We’ve seen things like that before. For some reason, the more disheartening crash was that of Baylor women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey, embarrassed by NCAA sanctions fresh off her national championship.

    Maybe that’s because women’s basketball is comparatively clean. You hate to see the standards lowered in a sport that still actually has some.

    the full column here:

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    Kelley Jolley is one, but there is another guy who has ties to Tennessee. Would Mitchell leave KU to return to Knoxville? Maybe Insell? Could Mulkey bolt and leave her troubles behind? Lotta question marks in this paragraph.

    My "speculation" is that Mitchell wouldn't leave UK for Tennessee. Tennessee has been different that Kentucky simply because it had Summitt. When she leaves, except for some extra seats to fill in the arena, its the same job as Kentucky.... but burdened by the inevitable Gene Bartow Syndrome: "He/she ain't no Pat Summitt I'll tell ya!"

    They won't hire Mulkey and I doubt she'd pursue it. UT would fear "tip of the iceberg" re: her Baylor violations. On the other hand, Mulkey has long been on record as saying she would have taken the La Tech job and stayed there forever if the administration there had been more respectful of her efforts (in her eyes). A long successful term at Baylor and her waxing poetic about being able to see her daughter and son play sports at Texas universities (one on her own bench) makes me think she will stay put unless there is more "dirt" that buries her championship runs under contempt and gets her fired.

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    The Arizona situation reminds me of the year we had three players transfer out. I still miss Casey Morris (and for that matter Jene Morris). I am so grateful to Charmin Smith and our new coaches for holding the team together after Joanne Boyle left.

    Regarding Aley Rohde, I haven't seen her play bur her freshman stats were pretty respectable. Does anyone have an opinion on how she compares to Imani Stafford (or to Kayla Peterson)? BTW she has a great name - does she have a brother Rocky?

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    Keyla Morgan?

    I mentioned her at the top of this thread as a person of interest. Long Beach Poly guard beat us in overtime this year.

    Anyway, she listed several schools and we were not there. I really hope we were looking at her and the other Cali players I mentioned. I have very little patience for coaches who spenjd time finding reasons NOT to go after a player. Negativity pi**es me off.

    Of course there are several others I failed to include because I can't list everyone west of the Rockies, but Layshia and EP ARE leaving after next year. I spend April to November watching the SF ProAm and Cal recruiting. I will have plenty of opinions and I will not hesitate to voice them. That's what hardcore WCBB fans do over the summer.

    Best of Luck to Keyla in Lawrence.
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    Bring it, dfineguy. Layshia is a good slasher, but Cal really needs perimeter players, who can drain the three as well as create off the bounce.

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    I agree. Don't care about McD AA players. We have enough of them. Sure it good to have a bunch but you got to have supporting players too. Give me some table setters who is able to drain it from the outside on a consistent basis and be happy coming off of the bench.

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