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Thread: OT-Is Aaron Gordon the best CCS bball player ever?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wifeisafurd View Post
    But '71, why are so down on Cal not recruiting Bird? Its more likely than not he goes to Cal.
    It is more likely than not that he goes somewhere other than Cal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schroeder71 View Post
    Certainly-he is in the modern era. Archbishop Mitty crushed La Costa Canyon-Carlsbad, 78-57, for its second consecutive state championship. Junior Aaron Gordon (6'7") toyed with the SoCal entry with 33 points & 20 rebounds. Unlike his older brother, Drew Gordon, Aaron is leading his team to state championships. Drew led Mitty to championship appearances but the Monarchs came up short on both occasions.

    dream scenario: if Cal could land the super talent in its own backyard, it could rule the Pac 12 for the forseeable future. Jabari Bird (6'5") & Aaron Gordon (6'7") are obviously the best players in the NCS & CCS, respectively.

    Washington HC, Lorenzo Romar, was sitting in the front row for both players games at the state championships. Arizona is in play for this talented duo, too, according to the tv commentators. Zero mention of Cal?

    Where's Cal coach, Montgomery? Sacto is not that far from Berkeley? Why is he not a high profile presence for the Bears? I think Cal has a tiny chance with Bird but Romar successfully recruited Derek Simmons from Salesian two years ago.

    As the lesson of the Wizard of Oz taught us at an early age: "if you ever go looking for your heart's desire, never look any farther than your own backyard. If it wasn't there in the first place, it probably wasn't worth looking for anyway..."

    It will kill me if we have to watch Gordon & Bird dominate the conference for another school for 3 years or so before they turn pro. GO BEARS!
    What colors should I wear to the service, S71?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cal88 View Post
    Lean not lien.
    Lien in face not.

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    Basketball I'm evaluating his accomplishments at the high school level...

    All of the rest of you are discussing lifetime careers, etc. When has a high school kid achieved what Aaron has? It could be three consecutive state championships for Mitty by the time he graduates.


    Quote Originally Posted by 71Bear View Post

    How quickly we forget the greats of OUR era.

    The late Charles Johnson from Sequoia - Redwood City graduated from high school the same year we did. After leading his team to the TOC, he went on to play for Cal and the Warriors, playing on their only championship team since moving to the Bay Area.

    Until someone surpasses his high school, college and professional results, he is the greatest CCS player in the modern era.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schroeder71 View Post
    All of the rest of you are discussing lifetime careers, etc. When has a high school kid achieved what Aaron has? It could be three consecutive state championships for Mitty by the time he graduates.

    CJ was the best.
    My opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adrian The Cal Bear View Post
    Apparently Gordon did some other stuff that warranted Howland's distaste for him
    Apparently Gordon committed the cardinal sin of questioning Howland regarding what the Bruins were doing on the court.

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    Not sure when the state tournament came into being but many of the guys mentioned didn't have that opportunity. Beyond that, crediting a single player for a team title (Mitty obviously has some other players) is a bit suspect. Rambis, Awtrey and McNamara were dominating HS post players over their careers.
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    Tough to compare A. Gordon to players who have had the entirety of their careers play out, but I've never seen a more dominant player in HS. It's always tough to say the best of all time, however, as the discussion quickly becomes a process in relativity.

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    To which I would respond, we aren't measuring the accomplishments of his team, we are measuring his personal accomplishments.

    I would put Johnson, the Ogden Bros. and Awtry ahead of him because of thir HS careers. They were true legends....

    James Naismith invented the game in 1891 not 1991....

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    maybe, Phil Cheiner was pretty good also

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    Chenier played for Berkeley HS in the NCS. S71 focused his comments on the CCS.

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    yes, you are right...also when Johnson played there was no state game and as far as the CCS could go was the old PBT( Peninsula Basketball Tournament) played at the old Stanford gym.(not Maples)

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    CCS teams used to participate in the TOC at Harmon Gym. It was a great tourney in a great atmosphere. Quite frankly, it was a far better arrangement than the artificial state championship that exists today.

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    Monty doesnt recruit that style

    when monty led the furd to a final four im pretty sure he didnt have gordon-style players. besides, do we really want high recruits that are only going to stay for one year and then bolt for the nba?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikeman View Post
    maybe, Phil Cheiner was pretty good also
    Cheiner did not play in CCS region...(would have been NCS)

    for CCS region, I would give A Gordon the no1 seed as far as his HS career when it is all done next year..

    a. at least 2 (and potentially 3 State Titles)
    b. NorCal HS POY as soph
    c. only McD AA from CCS region?? sure, game began in 70's, so players before the 70's could not have gotten a McD AA invite.
    d. Top 5 HS in nation (for a given class)

    all players listed from CCS past, none were "top 5 ranked in nation" or McD AA's... thus, I would say he will end up as the best HS player from CCS schools... (does not include what he will accomplish after HS as those are just projections... such as NBA lotto pick, etc)

    CJ, Mark Mc, Rambis, Ogden, etc.. all had great college/NBA careers... so, for Gordon, who knows how well his
    whole body of work will end up as, but his HS career, his will be one of the top HS careers of any NorCal player...
    with Kidd probably being at no1...
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