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Thread: Seat Selection has started for ESP extras

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldenBear View Post
    I was wondering the same - the donation required jumps substantially. Maybe it's just that the barricade is so low between FF and the ESP seats that you can jump over, get into the lounges, grab a beer, then run back down and jump back over to your seat?

    I pick Tuesday the 3rd in the morning. At the rate the F seats are disappearing, I may not be able to get in there. That'd be ..... well, I'd be pretty p*ssed off.

    Doh. If you early pickers are already not getting seats you want, the ripple effect down will be pretty big just like at AT&T. I don't pick until far later and I'm trying to get next to a pair of friends, but we want to be in a relatively young (standing) section and not wind up with worse seats without jumping up a donation level.

    Looks like somethings going to give. Time to talk to the wife and friends about putting up more money!

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    It's all in the context...

    Quote Originally Posted by murraymcleod View Post
    I pick on April 6th @ 3:40....Was hoping to upgrade from our old section EE to F maybe...But I was wondering what justifies the extreme jump in cost from F to FF and from HH to H. The tickets jump about double in price for what seems minimal field position gain...Is there bar service in FF and H, or what!

    Benchback seats
    Sections F & HH - $400 annual donation plus Season Ticket costs
    Sections FF & H - $1,200 annual donation plus Season Ticket costs

    ESP Seats - Section FF, Section H (30-year Annual Fees)
    closest to Press Box
    Stadium Club B - $6,854
    Stadium Club C - $5,140
    Field Club B - $3,427
    Field Club C - $2,741
    closest to Field Level

    That jump in annual donation from Section F to FF and Section HH to H in the Benchback sections doesn’t look so insane when you compare Benchback seat costs in Sections FF and H to ESP seat costs on the other side of the wall in those same sections.

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    I think that has to be reserved for the faculty discounted reserved seats, as well as other player seats that they get. I doubt that the ESP folks are buying those.

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    Geezus, I looked at the seating chart for the first time just now (since seat selection began) and it's pretty discouraging. I wanted to try the lower-priced benchback seats this year. At this rate, when I pick on April 12 they will all be gone. I'm willing to pay the price, but it looks like I won't get the chance. I want to sit on the more comfortably-spaced benches, but if they're all gone, I may just give up on season tickets and just buy individual tickets to the non-sold-out games, which is most of them anyway.

    It's pretty frustrating to see that Group 1 seat selection hasn't even started, and half the benchback seats above concourse level are already gone.

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    25% gone in HH above the concourse

    Not sure which section you have your eye on.F seems to be selling a little faster than HH. Don't give up. Keep in mind some people prefer the East side, some will pick lower seats and some won't pick anything at all.Just because someone has a time slot doesn't mean they will renew season tickets. Some will forget, some will be out of town.

    Also the field has been lowered so you might take a chance with some seats in the lower level. A friend has row 19 in ESP and we used to sit in row 49.

    I would suggest if you have to take lower than you want, you might try it for a year and see how you like it.

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    OD, do you know if the seat numbers are between the braces/struts in the benchbacks as pictured? If so, that is a nice way to define one's "territory" and avoid butt creep. In the past I have bought a couple of extra seats so that our motley crew would have room to spread out...maybe I can get away with just one extra seat now?

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    Its hard to know

    One would hope the virtual view is accurate, but until we sit there we will not know if it is exactly as it appears.There will be wider seats , so probably you don't need to buy another seat.In the old configuration when we played USC and everyone in our row was in their seat you could not even put your arms at your sides. very uncomfortable. I don't think we will have that problem now.

    One side note that I find interesting involves bench seating compared to chairbacks in Haas pavillion. I am always more comfortable when we are in our bench seats than when I have sat in a chairback seat because the chairbacks are not very roomy. The Benches at least allow you more room if someone is not there.I am about average build, about 5"10" 190.

    If you can get an Aisle seat, you at least can use the aisle as extra space.

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    How high up in the rows would you have to be in in Section HH and F to be protected from rain? I might consider that when my selection time comes on 4/6. On the other end, what rows are too low to have a good view in those sections?

    Go Bears!

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    how many rows in EE?

    Does anyone know how many rows are actually in section EE now that they're making those Bench-backs? When I look at the stadium overview, it looks like it goes to at least 64, but when I go to the "seat view" screen, it doesn't show anything higher than 50. And when I click on the camera to actually SEE the view for rows 48-50, all I see is a black screen. When I choose lower rows, it shows the view. Did they greatly reduce the number of rows in the bench-back sections?

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    There are fewer rows in EE because of the increased legroom (30 inches instead of 24 inches in standard rows).

    Row 50 is the topmost row in front of the Press Box.

    Section EE also includes 1/2 of what used to be Section E; this is the sliver between the aisle and the wall that separates the Benchback section from Reserved Season Ticket areas. That sliver has 58 rows; Row 58 in Section EE is more or less equal in elevation above the field to Row 74 in Section E.

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