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Thread: Extremely unofficial stats from 4/7 practice

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    Extremely unofficial stats from 4/7 practice

    After spending too much diddling about trying to get tables to show up, I'm just going to paste what I have and hopefully it'll show up.

    A few caveats - there was the opening set of goal line 11-on-11s which were on the far side of the field. There were also a set of players standing directly behind the 11-on-11s. From my vantage point, and there were three of us craning our heads in various directions trying to see what was happening, it was almost impossible to tell what was going on over at that side of the field. Those stats weren't recorded.

    Also, during the second unit play, the defense was getting the better of the offense - that's almost always been the case during the spring. Consequently, Bridgford often had very little time to throw and it was left to Bigelow to find his way out of trouble. Bridgford was also unfortunate to have a few throws dropped, including a likely to touchdown to Dewey Willis who ran a skinny post, had the ball floated right into his hands, but he dropped the ball.

    The quarterbacks were not supposed to be hit, so if a tackler came near the quarterback, the play would be whistled dead. However there were some cases during a rush, when a player would have a handful of the quarterback's jersey, but the play would not be whistled dead. Of the three sacks that were logged, they were all by the second team defense. Cecil Whiteside would have been credited with a sack on Maynard but it was nullified by a defensive holding penalty.

    Bridgford did have thelongest completion of the day, a touchdown pass when he threw a fly pattern to Jackson Bouza for a 34-yard touchdown pass. It was a tight battle between him and Steve Williams on the play, with each player appearing to have grips on each other's jersey. Bouza made the catch and punctuated it with an emphatic spike of the ball, which resulted in four penalty flags being simulatneously thrown.

    Maynard threw well during drills, and did a good job during 11-on-11s, completing 5-of-9 for 42 yards. He did a better job running - staying with the play but then recognizing when he had space downfield and taking advantage of it. He had touchdown runs of 9, 4, and 1 yard.

    It was a tough day for the running backs - only one running back had a gain of 10 of more yards. On a 2nd and 2 from the 17-yard-line, with the Bears' offense in the red zone, Bigelow took the handoff and ran towards the right sideline where he appeared to be hemmed in, but he spun away from inside linebacker Robert Mullins, broke back toward the middle of the field where he was tackled at the one.

    Dasarte Yarnway saw a lot of work with eight carries, seeing extensive use in short yardage situations, and scoring a one-yard touchdown run. While it's still likely that Isi Sofele and C.J. Anderson will see much of the work on short yardage situations, if Yarnway keeps improving, he could provide the Bears with a good big-back, short-yardage option.

    Name Att. Yds. Avg. TD Long
    Zach Maynard 6 44 7.3 3 14
    Brendan Bigelow 8 26 3.2 0 16
    Dasarte Yarnway 8 18 2.3 1 9
    Darren Ervin 5 11 2.2 0 4
    Allan Bridgford 3 9 3.0 0 13
    Isi Sofele 1 1 1.0 0 1
    Kyle Boehm 1 -3 -3.0 0 0
    Zach Kline 1 -3 -3.0 0 0

    Name Att. Comp. Pct. Yds. Int. TD
    Zach Maynard 9 5 55.6% 42 0 0
    Allan Bridgford 11 2 18.2% 42 1 1
    Kyle Boehm 2 1 50.0% 2 0 0
    Austin Hinder 3 0 0.0% 0 0 0

    Name No. Yds. Avg. TD
    Bryce McGovern 3 38 12.7 0
    Jackson Bouza 2 42 21.0 1
    Richard Rodgers 1 3 3.0 0
    Dasarte Yarnway 1 2 2.0 0
    Isi Sofele 1 1 1.0 0

    Name Sacks
    Nathan Broussard 1
    Puka Lopa 1
    Mustafa Jalil 0.5
    Jason Gibson 0.5

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    Bridgford: 18% passing?

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    The raw numbers make me a little less excited now.

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    decent high school offense?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agureghian View Post
    decent high school offense?
    It looks like we've regressed to pop warner

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    but only one INT

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    Either our D is Alabama-esq, or our offense sucks balls.

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    Great, this confirms it, Tedford is starting Maynard because he's the best we got.

    How the F did Bridgford, a former 4* top 15 QB recruit and HS record holder, only complete 2 passes out of 11 attempts? 2/11 is embarrassing at any level, not even considering this being his third year in the program.

    What is wrong with QB development???

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnoozerBear View Post
    Great, this confirms it, Tedford is starting Maynard because he's the best we got.

    How the F did Bridgford, a former 4* top 15 QB recruit and HS record holder, only complete 2 passes out of 11 attempts? 2/11 is embarrassing at any level, not even considering this being his third year in the program.

    What is wrong with QB development???
    Hey - did Kline not get to make a pass attempt? Is he getting any reps? Just curious.

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    Kline is getting plenty of work in drills.

    During 11-on-11s, Maynard and Bridgford were able to work through entire possessions, while Boehm/Kline/Hinder were on for two plays each before switching. During Kline's first set of two plays, the first play was a run, the second play was one of those few plays where something happened, none o the three of us who were watching could tell what, but it didn't result in a pass attempt. During his second set of two plays, one resulted in a sack, one resulted in a run.

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    2 for 11... I hope there is more to the story

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    Bridgford was unfortunate because of drops, which would have helped things considerably. The other thing to remember is that the second unit defense was causing the second unit offense all sorts of problems, so it's not as if Bridgford had all sorts of time back there. It's sort of like the issue the offense had with Sweeney a few springs ago. You could never get a good sense of how well he could throw because he was running for his life all the time behind the second unit offensive line.

    2-for-11 makes it sound like he was way the hell off which certainly wasn't the case.

    His incompletions:
    Slant to Bostock, tipped by Barr
    Drop by Bigelow
    Attempt to Yarnway who wasn't really open, broken up by Gibson
    Beautifully thrown skinny post to Willis, dropped
    Missed pass to Bouza
    Streak to S. Anderson, dropped
    Thrown away after big rush from Broussard
    Overthrew Bouza
    Play action to Rodgers, big rush from L. King, threw a bad late lob into double coverage than Ellison intercepted

    So you've got three drops, two would have been big gains
    One slant that was broken up by a great defensive play
    Another pass that was on target but was broken up.

    That leaves two passes that were missed, one that was thrown away, and one really bad pass.

    With surer hands from the receivers, he could have been 5-for-11 for about 120 yards.

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    Not sure why, but has a bit of a different stat.

    Bigelow, for example, gained 41 yards on 8 carries for more than 5 yards per carry according to

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    They may have been able to use the stats from the 11-on-11 situational work done at the far side of the field. We weren't allowed to walk down that far and there was no way we could tell what was going on down there.

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    ink sounds right there. Maynard did look good, seems to read the developing play well, and can slip away for some mostly-outside type runs pretty well. Zingin' it too. Hit McGovern a few times too, he's sure-handed and tough after he catches it. Bridgeford looked confident in the earlier drills, for sure, but did suffer some unfortunates as described.

    I hope the running back lack of yardage is not an indicator that the O-line isn't getting enough push on the line, therefore weak on the run; but, the D was stuffin' it very well, not a whole lot of holes to run through by any means. I did not get the impression though that the pass protection was a big issue. Maynard scampering for some decent yardage did appear to be something that surprised the D a little too much?

    All in all, though, good performances for sure. Was fun to overhear Keenan's comments on the sidelines a little btw, he's a character and you can tell he was excited to see what he saw. Dude is a leader too. There should be some good chemistry with the O this year, potential is definitely there.

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