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Thread: Hunter Myers offered

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    Why would he come to us when he can play for UC Davis?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneTopOneChickenApple View Post
    Top Ten would be a stretch, especially if Crabbe leaves for the draft.
    Which draft would that be?

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    Les Grossman
    Quote Originally Posted by LessMilesMoreTedford View Post
    Holds offers from UC Davis and Nevada.
    Out of curiosity, where did you get the info that he had been offered?

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    Les Grossman

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    CHP, Myers could represent the SF Rossi was supposed to be, but, who never got the chance. Can he defend the SF position as well?

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    No. Gordon ain't considering Cal anyways. Myers looked like a mid major prospect, and some reports confirmed that. I couldn't helped but be reminded of Erik Bond....and that's not good.

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