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Thread: Thank you, Coach Tedford

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    Thanks Coach for 2002 big game, 2003 triple OT USC thriller, 2004 season. Lot of good memories.

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    Thanks Coach Tedford for everything. You were the reason why I am a die hard Cal fan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ace4eVer View Post
    I haven't posted in a while because of how ugly this board was getting. While I wanted him gone, I do appreciate all he's done and for making us care about Cal football again.

    I'm part sad and part glad. I'm actually a bit sadder than I thought I would be. I think some time off for him will do him some good.
    Well said and my sentiments exactly.
    He needs to spend some time with his family and get his football bearings straight.
    I would not be surprised if he is honored in the Cal Hall of Fame or a football halftime in the near future.
    He was a great man, but unfortunately the job eventually got the better of him.

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    Thanks Coach Tedford for Bringing Cal Football Back to Relevance! The biggest complement I can give you is not that you are a great coach but that you are an even better person! I wish you nothing but the best!

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    A fitting monument...

    Quote Originally Posted by Phantomfan View Post
    Now that it is done, IMO we need a bench at the stadium for him... like Andy's. A statue may be too much...
    I would also be in favor of naming something substantial in or around the stadium after him.
    How about a "Tedford Gate" on the west side?

    "You ain't got nothing if you ain't got swagger." __

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    Thank you, Coach. You brought the Cal football program back from the dead, gave us the most beautiful stadium in the country, ran a respectable program and gave us many many wonderful memories. I hope your future brings everything you hope for.

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    Sad, I wish this year was his turnaround year, alas it didn't work out. Always have a soft spot for the old ball coach. Good luck in the future Coach.

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    Thank you, Coach, for your incredible dedication to our football team, the University of California, and the remarkable men you coached during your tenure.

    I am and will always be grateful for your efforts and integrity on behalf of the greatest University in the world!

    Godspeed Coach.

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    Thank you for your contributions coach. I look forward to watching your career going forward.

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    FlashingScriptCal Thanks Coach Tedford

    Thank you for helping bring Cal Football up to a higher level and I am sorry you weren't able to be the one who took it to the next level. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

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    Thanks For The Memories

    Thanks for some very exciting memories since you arrived; for making our football program relevant and, of course, for the incredible new and upgraded facilities. Something in the Simpson Center/CMS complex should have Jeff Tedford's name on it.

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    A sincere thank you, Coach Tedford. Best wishes in your next endeavor.

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    Thank you Coach!

    Much appreciation, respect and admiration for all you have done for the Golden Bears!!! You will always be a part of the Cal Family. Best of luck to you and your family.

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    Thank you Coach Tedford. You brought the program back and put Cal on the national stage; your efforts brought about the SHPAC and stadium renovation; your dignity and grace will be long remembered.

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    Thank you coach Tedford. When we get to the Rose Bowl we will look upon you as the one who started us off on that path. You would have been there yourself but for a couple of flukes.

    Best of luck to you, unless you're coaching against Cal...

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