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Thread: Thank you, Coach Tedford

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    Thank you for making us see what is possible and what needed to be done to give us a chance. Sad ending, but many thanks.

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    almost funny

    to think that coach Tedford reads this message board and even cares one cent what anyone here might think. If you really MEAN it, please write him a letter - personal and no one will need to know how you REALLY feel..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phantomfan View Post
    Now that it is done, IMO we need a bench at the stadium for him... like Andy's. A statue may be too much...

    I would also be in favor of naming something substantial in or around the stadium after him.
    yeah I'd be in support of this. He did a lot for us and for all the good memories I'm going to say thanks Coach. Best of luck in your future endeavors. I suspect in the long run this break will be a good thing for him too he will probably come back a much better coach again.

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    Tedfords tenure provided me with timeless memories. Those early years defined my college Saturdays. It's too bad it didn't work out but these Last few years simply have been too toxic for everyone involved.

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    Thank you Coach Tedford. You are a class act. I know sometimes the wheels fall off -- we all go through that. Good luck on your next job.

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    Cal football is undoubtedly better off for having had Tedford as its coach. It was time to go in a new direction, but I appreciate what JT did, getting the stadium built and raising the expectations of the fan base.

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    Thanks coach. 2002-2007 was fun.

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    Thanks Coach. You will always be remembered for what went right, not what went wrong. And you've left the program much better than when you got here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fight4california View Post
    For all that you've done for this program, for all the time, effort, and endless hours you've put into this program, thank you.

    From a very appreciative Cal and Coach Tedford fan

    I rooted for Coach Tedford hard. Good guy. Good luck!

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    Thanks Coach - Cal is in great shape for the future (e.g. New Memorial Stadium, SAHPC)

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    Thank you Coach Tedford! For everything you have done for Cal. You put us back on he map - and for that, everybody here should be grateful. Best of luck to you.

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    Thank you Coach Tedford for bringing excitement back to Cal football for many years!

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    Really sad about this. I knew it had to happen but now that it is here, it is tough. Though the end was bad, most of his time here was great. Thanks for the great memories most of which people here have already mentioned.

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    Thanks Coach Tedford for making Cal football relevant. You could have had your pick of jobs in 2004, but you stayed loyal to the program. You could have left during the treetard debacle, but you saw the new CMS to fruition.

    You have left Cal in great shape for your successor and you will always be respected for all your accomplishments at Cal.

    I'll be rooting for you where ever you go (hopefully not in the Pac12!).


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