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Thread: Thank you, Coach Tedford

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    Thank You Coach - You have provided the most positive impact and best overall leadership to our program in the past 50 yrs of my attending/following Cal Football. Best of Luck to You in your next endeavor.

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    Thank you Coach Tedford for some amazing memories.

    Go Bears!

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    Sorry it didn't work out this year. It wouldn't have surprised me if we had won next year with you still running the show. As SB said, your legacy is unquestioned and should be recognized. Thanks for building the foundation for the next legacy. I hope you get well and coach on. You're a class act.

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    thanks for the memories

    Thanks Coach Tedford for so many memories. I was there for your first W (and first rout) v. Baylor in '02; at the Coliseum when your Bears missed it by a hair and at Hattiesburg in '04; at so many other games and bowls along the way; and my favorite of all when the Bears went the full 15 heavyweight rounds to pull it out by TKO in Eugene in '07.

    You transformed Cal football and reunited my college buds through the excitement of winning, like the '90-93 teams we so loved to watch and then some. Haven't commented here in 5 or more years, but thanking you for being a class act and for bringing glory and excitement back to Cal football demands the effort. You've given us great memories that will literally last a lifetime. Thank you, thank you, thank you and best wishes for success in all future endeavors!

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    Thank you, Coach Tedford. You did so much for the program. Thank you for all your efforts both on the field and off. I still say, we wouldn't have gotten our stadium upgrade without you.

    Go Bears!

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    Thank you, Coach Tedford

    I agree with all who have thanked Coach Tedford. He is the epitome of a college coach. He is concerned about his players, honest and honorable, and a winner. I wish him all the best in the future. He deserves significant recognition at the Stadium and on the Cal campus. Our University is a better place because of Jeff Tedford.

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    Thanks Coach,
    I echo the thoughts of most fans on this board.
    The last few years have been painful, more so for you and the team, than us fans.
    Sad to see you go, very sad.
    Like many this move is probably best for everyone involved, you, your family, player and fans.
    May the wind be at your back as you move into the next successful phase in your life.

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    Thank you coach Tedford. You brought a lot of joy to my life over the last 10 years. Really wish you could have been the one to take us to the Rose, but it wasn't to be. I do believe a year off will serve you well and have little doubt you'll succeed in your next gig, hopefully out of conference. And I'll cheer like hell the day we induct you into our HoF (however they do it).

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    Thanks, Coach Tedford. We wish you best of luck in all of your future long as they don't involve coaching at SC or Stanfurd

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    Thanks, Coach Tedford. You brought exciting football to Cal. You made the college football season relevant in the bay area since 2001. We respect and honor your accomplishment.

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