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Thread: New University of California logo unveiled

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    New University of California logo unveiled

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    I hope they didn't pay some consulting firm or design firm $$$$$ to come up with that.....

    (though maybe they hired some UCLA undergrads, since this logo features their colors!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by okaydo View Post

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    I had to check twice that this was not some hold over article from April 1st. That is about the WORST thing I have seen EVER. I expect the Regents to laugh that one out of the building at the next meeting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by okaydo View Post
    Someone's pulling our leg. This has to be a joke... My bowel movement in the toilet this morning looked better than this ... had a nice swoopy C-like shape to it ...

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    Rotton Robbie
    Did we pay $300K for that, too?

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    Is this a joke? cause if its not

    Horrible! Absolutely Horrible! People should be fired and blackballed for this. And what is up with the baby blue?!?! A student contest would have netted MUCH better results.

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    I don't like it. Frankly, I don't get it. Just my humble opinion, but it is kinda too simple and generic. I love the old logo, and always will. Having said that, Go Bears!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 510Bear View Post
    I hope they didn't pay some consulting firm or design firm $$$$$ to come up with that.....

    I think about 300K gets you the Alien Egg Face-hugger Warning Logo you see pictured on the right.

    High technology has it's risks. It's best to prepare for the future.

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    It is an unfinished mandala. The "C" will only be closed when the lightness of education penetrates the darkness of the void.

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    That is an abomination. Poor poor taste...

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    Horrific on every level. I work in web/new media and think this is duller than dirt and in no way reflects the institution.


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    Dude i could have made this on MS Paint in 2 minutes

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    Awful! This is a university, not some clever new age aromatherapy startup. Having a traditional-looking logo reinforces the image of a hallowed institution with a long, venerable history--one of the most powerful selling points a great school like Cal has. You can be sure that Harvard, Yale, etc. wouldn't even think of dreaming up some new logo like this that will inevitably look even more stupid--and dated--a few years from now!

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