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Thread: #MartinReport- NCAA looking at Death Penalty with UNC

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    #MartinReport- NCAA looking at Death Penalty with UNC


    The Martin Report was due in Sept, 2012.
    But, it is finally being released to the public, Dec 20,2012.

    The original Martin Report got BLASTED.
    It appeared that UNC athletics lied to the investigators.
    Because a whistle blower come forward & questioned the integrity of the original Martin Report.

    In a nut, UNC has been involved in systematic, purposely cheating...imo
    Such things as Fraud. Underminded the APR with fake A grades.
    The things are rather unbelievable.

    Players mom having sex with UNC boss...etc.

    The NCAA is looking at:
    a) taking away the wins...rather obvious.
    b) with taking away the wins, the Banner comes down....Agreed.
    c-1) take away 4 scholarships (4yrs);restrictions on recruiting...typical stuff
    c-2) Death Penalty for 2 years.

    Note-- When UNC lied to the Martin investigators. Its as IF, UNC lied to the NCAA.

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    Martin's report is a huge snow job.
    Biggest cover up. Why? Issues are huge.

    Martin refused to address the athletic issues and UNC athletics willful assistance in getting its players FAKE grades, A.

    Martin thinks we are Tricks.
    Pimp that garbage to the North Carolina people.

    We are waiting for the do the right thing.
    --did the NCAA believe that UNC would hang themselves.

    #SuperConference says, NCAA better fix this UNC cheating.
    and then follow up with duke's cheating.

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    It is coming.
    NCAA must do something harsh with UNC.

    Last night, the NCAA gave the Death Penalty to the Texas player.

    Today, NCAA is cleaning house. WEST wont tolerate cheaters.
    NCAA fires its own for allowing cheating to get rewarded, in ucla cheaters case.

    Next-- Time to hammer #UNC

    #SuperConferences wont tolerate these ACC cheaters anymore.

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    This is starting to grow:

    1) @The_Rise_
    RT @The_Rise_: MT: "Support the Player!!! RT- Free Kabongo from the Death Penalty. UNC didn't get it so, he shouldn't either."

    Mission accomplished! FREED.
    @The_Rise_ more on coach mike follow up response.

    2) Breaking News

    The North Carolina legislature is saying the #MartinReport is a scam.

    From Aug to Nov: UNC actions have been to demonstrate to the NCAA that they have Inst. Control of the Athletic department.
    -Firing people;
    -Roy Williams is on the record with ESPN of saying that they have done everything to clean the UNC-Atheletic Department.
    ***This give NCAA enough CAUSE to investigate and/or issue sanctions.

    In Dec 2012, UNC decided to changed its position. "It is not an athletic issue."
    Why? Swofford received inside info about the NCAA position. And was given advise by duke folks. Dont let it be an athletic issue. Dont let the NCAA come in so, say it is not an athletic issue.

    Does UNC remind you of PennSt? IT SHOULD!
    PennSt did everything to protect the coach and program.
    At UNC, they are doing everything to protect its programs ,as well.
    (one thing is for sure, there are a few UNC booster running the UNC-Ath Department. Nothing has changed at UNC-AD.)

    That part of the USA seems to be flooded with cheaters.
    Right Pope.

    3) Everyone is awaiting the NCAA.
    The #SuperConference wont take this "no action".

    In Dec, UNC changed its position on the Athletic scandal.

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    Remember, UNC changed it strategy in Dec.2012. No more admitting wrongdoings.

    (and recollect PennSt is in the same region as UNC.).

    So, Imagine....

    If the following had transpired:
    The ncaa held meeting with ACC, UNC as it relates to its Athletic scandals.
    The ncaa provided two options to the ACC, in Nov.

    The NCAA told ACC (Swofford is the ACC commish and former UNC AD) of Option1: 4 year ban, 4 scholarship removed, Wins taken away.... other minor recruiting restrictions.

    Option2: 2 year death penalty.
    Short and sweat.

    The NCAA informed Swofford....
    If UNC did not accept either of the options, a full scale investigation will reveal years of cheating. If the NCAA does pursue this review;then, the best case sanction would be a 4 year death penalty for UNC & two banners removed.

    If you were Swofford, what would you tell the NCAA.
    Swofford did get advise from duke.

    Note--dookie's advise was to deny everything. Dont let the ncaa come in (Say it is not a Athletic scandal). Prevent documents/people from talking with non-disclosure agreements.

    Could you imagine the aforementioned....

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    I was told....

    it is very difficult to FIX grades.
    But, yet, UNC has been doing this for years.
    Its difficult because several individuals must be involved.

    Fixing a game is much easier.
    It involves two main individuals.

    So, if Fixing is going wild with its Athletic Department.....would it be far fetch to think....

    We looking at half dozen Fixed Games.

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