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Thread: To be sure you do not lose access to this board - or to Chat - read this

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    To be sure you do not lose access to this board - or to Chat - read this

    The most frequent customer service request we get - especially at this time of year - is when subscribers lose access to this Insiders board and to our vital Chat room. (Where we now support up to 400 simultaneous visitors - think LOI day).

    Ninety-nine percent of the lost-access cases happen when a reader's credit card information at PayPal is out-of-date. When that happens, PayPal first tries again to make a renewal payment to us, fails, then tries again in a few days. Good that they try, but in the interim you might lose access to your subscriber's content here.

    When we hear from any of you about losing that access, we often add a few comp days so you don't lose access while the credit card data issue is sorted out.

    But the whole problem - both for you and for us can be avoided if you can check & update your credit card info at PayPal. Please do this whenever your card is renewed.

    Doing it is quick & easy:

    1. Log in to your PayPal account
    2. Click on "Profile" on the menu bar
    3. Slide down to "Add or edit credit card", click that.
    4. On the next page click "edit" at the right side of the line with your credit card.
    5. Verify that it is up-to-date, make any needed changes, save it, and you're done.

    We're glad to help if any of this is complicated - or if special circumstances apply. Whatever - just let us know please.

    Contact Us
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    This has happened to me ....

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    Thanks greybear. Currently going thru this now. If it takes much longer I'll hit you up for a couple comp days. That's very cool of ya to offer that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by txwharfrat View Post
    This has happened to me ....
    I've done it too. Twice.

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