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Thread: SDSU vs Arizona

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    SDSU vs Arizona

    At the risk of our conference ranking, go Aztecs.
    On espn2 now.

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    Zona depth: 8 minutes into the game, Miller is playing 4 subs and just one starter, Nick Johnson.

    Both started slowly, tied 3-3 after 5 minutes but now 16-13 Zona midway thru first half.

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    Hey look at that. A James Johnson sighting. The one time Cal recruit transferred from Virginia to SDSU. Has been active for 4 games now.
    He immediately travelled, and is apparently looking to be a "screen and rebound" post, according to Roxie on the mic.

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    This game is being played on a different level, and the refs are letting them play, sometimes to the absurd in not blowing the whistle.
    Zona 26-22 with 4 to go.

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    You talking to yourself again?

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    SDSU has won 11 straight against the pac12. Wow

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    This game is PRECISELY why I am so frustrated my Montgomery's recruiting.

    Does anyone want to make an argument that these are well coached teams? They do some things OK but not much. Monty would run circles around these guys in terms of schemes, offenses, and basketball smarts.

    Does anyone want to make an argument that they wouldn't crush Bears by 20? They have so much more length, quickness, and athleticism than the Bears.

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    Halftime: 29-27 Zona

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    Quote Originally Posted by 75bear View Post
    You talking to yourself again?
    I figured I might draw a crowd...

    Joe Pasternak, onetime Cal assistant under Braun and head Tulane coach, is now on the bench next to Miller. I guess I knew that, didn't he trip or kick Gutierrez last season as Jorge fell into the bench. No statement of regret, remorse, did I hear, the f'ing punk.

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    SDSU stud Chase Tapley is from Sacramento. What's the story with his recruiting? Why not us?

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    Fisher at sdsu, 7 straight 20 win seasons, 4 straight 25 win seasons.

    If they win this, the chant won't be "we rule Cali", rather "we rule the west"!

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    I think Chase was an early verbal to fischer and everyone else backed off. We don't need point guards. We needed Chu-like guys (and isn't it interested that Chu got recruited over ;-(

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    Are you talking about Angelo Chol?
    And he was over recruited? Meaning, recruited beyond what he's been able to produce?

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    Oh my gosh, that 45th point by SDSU was awesome, transition dunk by freshman Skylar Spencer.

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    SDSU leading scorer Franklin got 2nd foul with 6 to go in first half, but Fisher sat him the rest of the way. Safe.
    AU Mark Lyons just got his 4th foul with 13 to go. Ooops.

    See how that plays out for a SDSU advantage.

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