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Thread: Video: Signee Hind Ben Abdelkader scores 49

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    Video: Signee Hind Ben Abdelkader scores 49

    Looks like we got ourselves a shooter!!

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    Maybe she should be on Datsuk's line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CalFanatic View Post
    Looks like we got ourselves a shooter!!
    Skills and mentality!

    BTW I noticed on the scoreboard the teams were labeled "THUIS" and "BEZOEKERS". I was hoping Hind turns out to be a true bezoeker until Google translated those to the rather less inspiring HOME and VISITORS.

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    Don't know how well she will get her shot off in the US college game. But at a minimum, she can serve as a shooting coach for the rest of the team. That is impressive touch and form. Let's hope that she has the quickness to do that often here. I know that she did have a bad shooting game against the US 17's. But that was last year.

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    Basketball three-point accuracy & free throw accuracy fr Belgium PG...

    The part of the video that one cannot evaluate properly is her foot speed relative to her European counterparts. Her outside shooting & FT technique appear solid. GO BEARS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CalFanatic View Post

    Looks like we got ourselves a shooter!!

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    Besides her long distance shooting prowess, I like how she makes her free throws, and she can shoot on her drive to the bucket with either hand. I was impressed by her footwork to create an opening to get to the hoop. These highlights were all about shooting, but we didn't see her defense, or her passing ability. Off this shooting exhibition, I think she could fulfill a role as an outside shooter/scorer. My one concern is whether Ben Abdelkader has the quicks and footspeed to play Lindsay's style of PG defense.

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    ..the only thing #4 who guarded her most of the time looked like a munchkin.

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    The team guarding her was horrible on defense

    nevertheless, the game was close so she wasn't running up her totals.

    She obviously had a lot of skills. And she can handle the ball.

    I mentioned on a previous post that I had talked to Charmin about would she help us next year. And Charmin was pretty positive she would.

    Of all the Euro's we have had, i considered Nihan maybe the best athlete. although we had better players (namely Milica V was an All American.) She certainly has the skills that we need.

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    In an earlier video I saw of her...

    I think it was months ago the video I saw I was not impressed but can't remember who the team she was playing. That competition was better than the team in this video game.

    I was delighted to see her good form in shooting from the outside and the free throw line. She probably won't be able drive for lay-ups so easily unless she fakes everyone out. Wish she was taller, too.

    At worst, if her defensive skills are strong (or get stronger), she could be pretty decent off the bench.

    We will see this Fall (or summer league at the atrocious Kezar Gym).

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    Boyd's Backup?

    It looks like she can do what we need her to do as a backup point guard, with Brittany getting most of the minutes. She might also be good as a role player when we need to spread out the defense a little or she could be the ball handler when the other team needs to foul.

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    She looks good! Lets hope she makes it over here without injuries. Didn't we have high hopes on Cohen back then as well ?

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    like her on film. but avigiel's film made her look all-world and then she struggled to get any minutes on the team. so i'll hope for the best but not expect anything until she's in the states doing it against d1 players.

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    That's a reasonable take on Ben Abdelkader, but Avigiel's progress has been hampered by her knee injury, and her surgery in Israel, which had to be redone after she arrived in Berkeley. As far as we know, Ben Abdelkader is sound and not injured so I'm looking for her to contribute next season. Didn't Charmin recruit her? With the experience with Avigiel, I'm sure Cal was particularly thorough in their evaluation of Ben Abdelkader.

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    I don't know if Charmin recruited her

    She just answered my question about her. If anyone recruited her I would say it was Kai, when she went to Europe last August to scout Euro's. So she brought home the info to the rest of the coaches. At the time, she wasn't too sure if we would offer. Saying the biggest problem was evaluating players against Euro defense as it wasn't physical enough.

    Kai also liked a Spanish guard who was younger but I don't know the name nor do I know if we are still following her.

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    nice form, but also she is shooting from the international distance, and one of those was from NBA range
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