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Thread: CAL - BYU Prediction Thread - For all the marbles!

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    CAL - BYU Prediction Thread - For all the marbles!

    Last weeks winner: dajo9

    "Damn you people for insisting on doing this

    Stanfurd 38
    Cal 21

    Cal scores a couple of touchdowns in garbage time"

    On to this week's game..

    Even though BYU is a dangerous team that is out to make a statement, the game means so much more to Cal's football program. The bears will fight on every play. If will and determination decides football games, I like our chances.

    Last week's game was deceptive due to the turn overs. Cal was much more competitive than the first half score. Stanford is a really good defensive team with lots of talent, a preseason top 10 team. BYU is much more on Cal's level than Stanford. Cal should have an easier time in all facets against BYU.

    My prediction, in honor of dajo9...

    Team A 31
    Team B 24

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    Given that we haven't held anyone except Sac St. under 24pts all year, I'd say if we pull out the win it'd be a high scoring one.

    I don't understand why people say BYU doesn't care about this game or that Cal has more motivation. Cal hasn't shown anything yet even with proper motivation. With a win, BYU can improve to 8-4 in its first independent year. BYU is definitely still looking to be picked up by a conference, as it know its not Notre Dame.

    More important is how Cal's offense starts and how well BYU has scouted Cal's offense. If they limit some key plays that we always run 4-5 times a game, it will be hard for us to sustain drives. On the other hand BYU has been reported to be slow, so if our WRs can get behind their back field, and Goff is more accurate than not, then we might have a chance to score a few TDs early and try to hold that lead through the game. If we get behind early, I fully expect to lose as Cal has not came back all year except for garbage time TDs.

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    BYU has played and beaten nobody since they started losing guys, we pile it on.

    Cal 63
    BYU 31

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    Calling dajo9 - I wanna see dajo9's prediction...

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    Frankly, I am worried. Last week was the worst game of the year for the Bears. It will be raining. The crowd will be small enough not to be a factor. (Students gone for Thanksgiving ). I have enjoyed this season so much, but the 5 losses in the last 6 games weighs on me. I know we have penciled this in as a possible win for a while, but I fear the big BYU lines filled with 26 year old Samoans and Tongans returned from their missions. OK- once more into the breach! Based on my faith in the Great Oski in the sky, Cal gets it together for the last game of the year. Lasco, Enwere, Rubenzer, Treggs and company led by Goff showing he can play in the rain, and that he is in fact the best NFL prospect in the PAC 12. Cal 42- BYU 30

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    This is a very important game for Cal. And we continue to be Cal..

    BYU 52
    Cal 41

    We rally but fall short

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    I'm with triple X Cal 42 BYU 30. Multiple turnovers and short fields help crank up the score on a rainy day

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    68% chance of rain

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    Quote Originally Posted by GB54 View Post
    68% chance of rain
    Does that typically mean it's going to be very wet or intermittent rain? I'm in SoCal its been forever since I had to correlate that number to reality ha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by upsetof86 View Post
    Does that typically mean it's going to be very wet or intermittent rain? I'm in SoCal its been forever since I had to correlate that number to reality ha.
    Late November usually not that much rain. The really rainy part of Berkeley comes in late October to mid November.

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    Sounds good I am very optimistic the guys will be focused and play well. And with weather less of a potential distraction the better our odds of that I'd say.

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    Loyal Bear BerlinerBaer's Avatar
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    Cal 48 BYU 42

    although BYU 42 Cal 28 seems just as likely...

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    Cal coaches and fans face the reality of what has happened this season. After struggling to close wins against bad teams such as Colorado and WSU and looking less than stellar against decent but not great UW, Stanford, and USC teams, our Cal Golden Bears fall short. BYU 33, Cal 27

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    Cal 48
    BYU 31

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