Fix Credit Card Information at PayPal

Your Bear Insider Account was paid thru Paypal (unless you sent a check). Here's how to make changes to your Paypal account.
  • Log into your PayPal account.

You may  have several Paypal linked debit and credit card accounts.  To find your Bear Insider subscription information you have to know the actual date of the subscription payment.
  • Look down the list of transactions to find one called Subscription Creation.

  • On that line, click on Details at the right hand side, 

 Find that it is an auto renewal subscription and find which of several credit and debit accounts is the one actually linked to the subscription

FYI, Adding or changing credit or debit cards in the wallet doesn't change the auto renewal account. You have to edit the details of the Paypal subscription BI account and save the changes.

Find the subscription by searching the Paypal history for the renewal date and update the billing information for the subscription, change to auto-renewal, etc... Save the changes.

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